Oops! Washington Post takes aim at Trump over Iran, but accidentally hits Obama


The left-leaning Washington Post warned that President Donald Trump might have bitten off more than he can chew with Iran.

The president issued new sanctions against the Islamic nation after it conducted a missile test in defiance of the agreement it made with President Obama’s administration.

And now the Post is concerned because, surprise, after the Obama administration released billions of dollars to it Iran is “stronger than ever.”

The paper might have intended to take a swipe at President Trump but the headline was far more damaging to President Obama.

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8 Comments on Oops! Washington Post takes aim at Trump over Iran, but accidentally hits Obama

  1. Well, when your main concern as a WAPO propagandist is to make Trump look bad at all costs, critical thinking skills are long gone at that point. But that’s typical of left wing thinking, its all for the moment, long term consequences be dammed.

    In this case, WAPO friendly fire hit their beloved chief agitator.

  2. Time for Trump to break up the MSM monopoly. When all stations tell the same story, at the same time, in the same order, and with the same spin, that is collusion. Our radio and TV stations are going apoplectic around the clock trying to take Trump down. Haven’t seen this in 8 years.

  3. It’s kind of funny but the WaPo will be back soon enough with some other anti-Trump headline that may or may not be true. Jeff Bezos gave them new marching orders when he bought the paper and that was to turn even harder left and, in effect, help him cripple honest capitalism so that his Amazon empire can continue to grow spew profits for him and destroy jobs and independent business along the way. The left have some sort of automatic hate on for Trump but the people they should be fearing are the ones like Bezos, Soros and the rest of their ilk that seek to both enrich themselves and gain personal power at the expense of others.

  4. scr_north ……excellent post. I was hoping Trumps’ son would’ve started his conservative news outfit by now. We need a serious counter to this media war on Trump. It is a war for the survival of this country.
    All anybody hears from tv is Trump bad, leftist good tripe and stupid people believe it.

  5. The Media is pushing their luck. They are past Wiley Coyote’s cliff and still hustling.
    People have caught on and it’s pissing them off.

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