Open Letter to AG Barr from One American Citizen


TO: U.S. Attorney General William Pelham Barr 


With respect, you would do well to consider the words of three of our fellow citizens, two living – one dead, as many Americans ponder the fate of a nation with a two-tiered justice system. 
It is a toxic system, largely fostered and sustained by the Department of Justice that you lead, sir. 

General Flynn’s attorney, Sidney Powell, recently rang the alarm bell:

There is an immediate and urgent need to restore the application of the rule of law which means it has to be applied equally regardless of political partyI think that is what Attorney General Barr realizes has to be done for the public to have any trust in the FBI or the Department of Justice ever again.”

While Powell believes that you realize the public’s declining trust in the FBI and the DoJ, she does not speak for those of us not convinced that you’re prepared to do what it will take to restore that trust. 

Your recent public statement that “…the president’s tweets ‘make it impossible for me to do my job’” quickly became a meme for the Trump-hating, liberal-media’s echo chamber. 

Your complaint caused some, who supported your appointment as Attorney General, to question both the motive and appropriateness of your comments.

The liberal media exploited your statement on 13 February when the New York Times ran an article entitled “Barr Says Attacks From Trump Make Work ‘Impossible’  The attorney general said that the president’s attacks on prosecutors’ handling of his friend Roger Stone’s sentencing undermine the legal system and the Justice Department.”

(Which “legal system” is that?)

Evidence to doubt the veracity of the DoJ’s intention to eradicate the two-tiered justice system abounds.  more

h/t Forcibly Deranged.

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  1. Just more of the same. They’ve completely corrupted the doj and now they’re accusing us of doing it. Just like Russia. Just like Ukraine.

    Stop pussy footing around and start telling it is and cleaning house. If Barr can’t do it, get somebody who can. I’m starting to doubt Barr.

  2. I don’t buy the need to wait for ‘perfection’ before prosecution. After session’s treason, i don’t trust barr much more.

  3. …how ‘ bout TWO open letters to him?



    …those are the appropriate letters for the Second Coming of Sessions…

  4. Things become impossibly complicated when instead of pursuing the criminals regardless of political pressure or personal association you attempt to smooth over the damage or otherwise protect certain individuals.
    One of the arguments is that it’s difficult to get a conviction in a heavily biased DC court system. No, to be exact, it’s only difficult to convict a democrat in the DC system.
    The job requires that an end is brought to this imbalance however that needs to be accomplished.
    Secondly, the activism of judges across the country and DC in particular should be brought to a halt whatever that takes.

  5. If this summer, they tell us that we need to be patient and elect them so they can do it in the second term, it will be prima facie evidence that we’ve been played to the hilt.

    Civil disobedience to all gov’t. Completely ignore every thing they say and do.


  6. “If this summer, they tell us that we need to be patient and elect them so they can do it in the second term, it will be prima facie evidence that we’ve been played to the hilt.”

    Oh come on. Who would say a thing like that?

  7. Give me the name of one person in the DOJ or FBI that can be trusted. Just one.

    You would think with all the yammering about whistleblower protection someone would do the right thing.

  8. Has Mr. Cary’s family been notified of his inmate identification number and in which facility he’s being accommodated?

    Barr is an insider, a career federal employee, a truth teller as relates to whom and what occasion requires spin….IOW Barr is a corrupt, power wielding, legal authority determined to mete out justice based on his “principled determination” of who merits protection and who is disposable, i.e., Flynn.

    I imagine Mr. Lee’s letter went the way of hundreds of thousands of irate patriotic citizens letters of concern ….in the mail room trash can.

    This is one instance in which I’d be ecstatic to be proven wrong.

  9. we are getting exactly what one would expect from ole “ruby ridge bill barr”

    just ask randy weaver about bill barrs justice bonifides


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