Open letter to CBS: You really must consider an ICE reality TV show

Rebel Media:

Dear Les Moonves,

It’s summertime and so I know you must be finalizing your roster of churlish Chads and sultry Stacys who will stroll around a mansion and gossip for three months while millions of us “fangirl” over them online. We love it as a guilty pleasure, but when it comes to reality TV, you can do so much better than Big Brother 20:

Take a tip from Disney and do a Big Brother on Ice, or more precisely, Big Brother on ICE.

You’ll get a bit of heat from your lefty friends, Les, but I think you’ll find that Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents can be just as creative and captivating as your past reality stars.

They did, after all, recently take captive over 100 gardening and landscaping workers suspected of being illegal by luring them in with donuts before storming the facility with helicopters and canine units.  more

8 Comments on Open letter to CBS: You really must consider an ICE reality TV show

  1. How about a reality show following an entrepreneur starting a small business as he applies for permits, fills out forms, buys licenses, waits for inspections, undergoes background checks, sets up mandatory employee benefit plans, and interviews obviously unqualified job applicants to meet “diversity” quotas. There’s enough material there for season after season after season.

  2. How about reality Live Gun TV. This would be a show about actual gun related incidents. It would show who commits the most gun crimes, so it would likely be racist.

  3. Watching CBS “news” this morning and marveling at their passion for creative storytelling.

    How can they come up with such twisted, contorted versions of reality? Today’s topic: immigration. They touch base with the word “illegal” (on rare occasion) and proceed to parade a procession of absurd ‘experts’ on topics such as: the trauma of separating parents from children at the border STUNTS THE CHILDRENS’ GROWTH!

    They should do a documentary on that, in Spanish, and donate it to every country that evicts their unwanted, for broadcast 24/7.

  4. Off topic but on Fox News they are showing the current barbecuing of James Comey by Trey Gowdy on Capitol Hill.

    Said the FBI prejudged Hillary’s innocence before the investigation was complete…
    Said the FBI prejudged Trump’s guilt before the investigation even started!

  5. old_oaks’ comment reminded me of a conversation this week with my brother-in-law. He is anti-2A, was saying he just didn’t see why people need to carry. Brings up things like ‘Illinois gun problem is because they are next to Indiana, which allows guns.’ No, you dummy, Illinois allows gun sales too, just not concealed carry. And the killers all get theirs illegally whether they live in Illinois or Indiana.

    So later that evening we’re watching TV, and he chose… Death Wish. And certainly cheered for Bruce Willis.


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