Open Message for Pope Francis

Babalu Blog: I thought of writing a letter to Pope Francis, but have changed my mind.

Words will have no effect on the circus he’s bringing to the Castro Kingdom.

So, I’d just like to show him two photos.

Here’s my message, Your Holiness:



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  1. I think the two pics are first with the pope and the other following the meeting and the government asking ‘What exactly did you say to the pope about Lord Castro?”

  2. This Pope will feel right at home in Cuba. The cardinals in Rome elected a full on Socialist Radical as Pope and the church will eventually pay the price. I think the pictures are meant to convey what the Pope doesn’t see in Cuba and that is the arrests being made behind the scenes. Kind of looks like the same woman in both pics.

  3. As a devout Catholic, I have repeated those Latin words countless number of times.
    ”Agnus Dei qui tollis peccata mundie miserere nobis”

    Lamb of God, who takest away the sins of the world, have mercy on us.

    A prayer for forgiveness and peace

  4. @scr_north – yep. I was born & raised a Catholic. I was even in the Knights of Columbus. But I couldn’t stomach any more of this Jesuit asshole’s reckless pronouncements and quit after 55 years. I’m now a Southern Baptist.

    “Who am I to judge?” – You’re the Pope, you idiot.

    “Global Warming” – You’re wrong, you idiot.

    “Capitalism is evil” – You’re wrong, you idiot.

  5. The first photograph shows the Pope meeting Berta Soler, the leader of Cuba’s Ladies in White, a peaceful human rights group in Cuba made up of wives, daughters, sisters, and mothers of political prisoners in Cuba. In the second photograph, you see Berta Soler being violently arrested this past Sunday by State Security thugs of the Obama-backed Castro regime. Ms. Soler and dozens of her female compatriots attempt to attend mass every Sunday and march peacefully and silently together after services. For 22 consecutive Sundays now, however, the Castro regime has dispatched thugs to physically attack, beat, and arrest them.


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