Opera singer danced on SUV before Mar-a-Lago chase led to gunfire

Roemhild faces charges at the state and national level.

WaEx: An opera singer was charged with assault on a federal officer and deadly assault on sheriff’s deputies near Mar-a-Lago.

Hannah Roemhild, 30, was described as acting irrationally by authorities. The incident occurred when a suspect erratically drove a car at 70 mph, crossing two security checkpoints near the president’s resort. Police said Roemhild danced on the SUV before reentering and attempting to put the vehicle in reverse.

Police tried to smash the car window to gain control of the vehicle, but the suspect was able to escape. The suspect then crashed through the checkpoints, prompting Secret Service and police to open fire. Authorities say they were uncertain if the driver was targeting pedestrians or if the driver was in possession of a bomb. more here

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  1. A motive? She has TDS. The only cure is common sense – something that triggers them into a deeper state of insanity.

  2. I’ve actually seen a 3 Gun course of fire with a suspended reactive target dancing on the hood of a car. Yea, you had to shoot it.

  3. Those Bernie folks are nuts. All you have to do is watch the undercover videos, look them up on FB or twitter, the latter they now have hotboysforbernie. I saw a bunch of freaks and soy boys. I laugh seeing them leading a revolution, but then I keep being told he has the true Marxists waiting for their cue.

  4. I talked to the shell she was holding up to her ear,it said it could hear the ocean sounds coming from her empty head!

  5. She’s from Middletown, CT. Everyone I met from there is nuts. Has a lot to do with Wesleyan, or maybe the water? My National Guard Armory was there, I’ve already told that story. 😃

  6. Geez…The Dancing on the Hood of a Car is so 80’s Whitesnake…

    Come to think of it….That Women was nuts as well .

  7. Not terrorist related?

    It kinda is. She was just to stupid, drugged, and acting alone.

    what if her intention was to run someone in the administration over.

    I’m skeptical because in Toronto & London they use cars.

  8. As far as end times go, these are pretty dang entertaining.

    I remember the part about “war and rumor of war” but not the part about fat opera bitches dancing on car hoods.


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