Operation LeGend: Feds arresting violent criminals as politicians fight to protect bad guys


CHICAGO, IL – On Friday, July 21, less than 2 weeks after the launch of Operation LeGend, United States Attorney Tim Garrison announced 97 arrests by local and federal law enforcement officers.

Eleven of those arrestees taken into custody between July 15 and July 31 have been charged with additional federal charges.  Out of those 11, nine have been charged with illegally possessing firearms, one defendant charged with trafficking drugs and another charged with carjacking.

Out of the remaining 88 arrestees, 49 of those were fugitives with federal or state warrants for their arrest, and the remaining 39 non-fugitive arrests were deferred to the state court for prosecution.  There were several other offenses cited in the arrest affidavits, to include, assault, robbery, child molestation, sexual assault, and homicide.

During these arrests, Federal agents and local officers seized 35 firearms, nearly three kilograms of methamphetamine, hundreds of miscellaneous pills such as: Oxycontin and Ecstasy, heroin, cocaine, crack cocaine, and nearly $40,000 in cash.    more

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  1. These idiots are in for a rude awakening. Dan Bongino pointed it out days ago, these people are going to be federally charged and the local officials can’t help them. If it gets too crowded Gitmo can handle all they send.

  2. Bongino related times when he was a NYC cop and aided in arresting repeat offenders that when in the back of a car they’d joke how quickly they’d be released until he informed them: Oh no, this time you are federally charged and he would see them go quiet and the blood drain from their faces.

  3. Seized firearms = worthless
    Seized drugs = worthless
    Money seized = $40,000.00

    Number of arrests = 97
    Number actually going to jail (not “house arrest”, “home detention”, “community service”, “all charges dropped”) = ?

    Number of Federal, State, Local agencies thanked for doing an outstanding job during a press statement = 410

    Number of individual LEOs assigned to the LeGend Task Force = 1,933

    Number of “Atta Boy/Girl” wall plaques and desk awards handed out at LeGend awards banquet = 548

    Sorry, I’m sick and tired of these gigantic law enforcement task forces netting so little for Law and Order. Where are the big fish like George Soros and the Hollywood people who fund the lawyers? Where are the people who provide frozen water bottles, bricks, expensive commercial fireworks, bicycle helmets, backpacks and refreshments for these hordes? Those are the ones I want to see arrested and incarcerated.


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