“Operation Raw Deal” Nets 50 Heroin Dealers In Waterbury

135 federal and local agents organized into 13 arrest teams fanned out across the Connecticut city of Waterbury with arrest warrants for 52 men and women for being mid-level heroin dealers early Friday morning. Dubbed “Operation Raw Deal,” officers found 41 suspects and thousands of bags of heroin ready for distribution. More

Waterbury, once known for its brass works and clock makers, has since become a city of 108,000 with dilapidated housing, abandoned factories and empty warehouses. I know, I use to live there. -Dr. Tar


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  1. …i don’t usually care for ’60s bands, and I REALLY don’t care for a certain word they use repeatedly in this song.

    …but when it comes to heroin dealers, both are appropriate…



  2. Dr. Tar, what happened to Waterbury?
    Democrats? I visited relatives there in the early sixties and it seemed like a lovely town. I was going to move there but I was drafted into the Army.
    Lost all contact with Waterbury.

  3. @Moe Tom – I was there for about 7 years, until about 2006. It was run down and post industrial then.

    It’s the usual story, technological change, blue collar industries exported abroad and democrat governance that didn’t see it coming, didn’t know how to save its community and ran the place the rest of the way into the ground.

    Before I left the cities finances had been taken over by the state because the dems in control had lavished out pensions beyond the ability of taxpayers to pay for it all. Between the lack of good paying jobs and the high real estate taxes, property values collapsed and those who could get out did.

    A lot of CT is like that.

  4. Click on the link and count the number of “disadvantaged” “people of color” arrested.

    The left will be screaming “DISCRIMINATION” at the top of their lungs!!!

    Just sayin’.

    By the way, Lincoln had it right the first time.

  5. for you blues lovers=
    Savoy Brown 1967? “When you are married to
    a woman you know you can divorce your wife but
    when you are married to H then you are
    married for life”.

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