Operation “Santa’s Naughty List”

Milne News

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office has arrested 124 people during a 6-day undercover operation called Santa’s Naughty List.

Fifty-three people were arrested for prostitution and 46 people were arrested for seeking the services of a prostitute during the undercover operation Santa’s Naughty List, according to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office

What we know:

•124 arrested during a prostitution sting in Polk

•30 of those arrested from Polk County

•Seven solicited or intended to have sex with kids

The operation aimed to identify and help victims of human trafficking who might be forced into prostitution. More

10 Comments on Operation “Santa’s Naughty List”

  1. Poor things, there are no hearths or mantels in jail. I guess they’ll have to hang their stockings over the stainless steel combination toilet and wash basin.

    Darn. No chimneys, either.

  2. 11th Commandment: Thou shall not mess around in Polk County.

    Sheriff Grady Judd does play. He runs these stings pretty often, then has press conferences mocking the dumb-asses he rounds up.

  3. A guy and his date are parked out in the country away from town, when they start kissing and fondling each other. Just then, the girl stops and sits up. “What’s the matter?” asks the guy. She replies, “I really should have mentioned this earlier, but I’m actually a prostitute, and I charge $100 for sex.” The man thinks about it for a few seconds, but then reluctantly gets out a $100 bill, pays her, and they have sex. After a cigarette, he just sits in the driver’s seat looking out the window. “Why aren’t we going anywhere?” asks the girl. “Well, I should have mentioned this before,” replies the man, “but I’m actually a taxi driver, and the fare back to town is $150.

  4. Polk County Annie
    Cops busted your granny
    Everybody said it was a shame
    That her momma was working on gang bang
    Polk County Annie

    ~ apologies to Tony Joe White

  5. You’re all on the naughty list…Doesn’t matter if You did anything

    wrong….You might have thought about it.

  6. What are the local Democrats going to do for Christmas cheer? They all can’t go over to Hunter Bidens house and Epsteins gone.

  7. targeting skipthegames web site.
    Duval (Jacksonville) has been doing the same, also busting strippers at clubs for showing too much T&A.


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