Operation Wag the Dog

Patriot Retort: Are you ready for Operation Wag the Dog?

Yesterday the Pentagon announced that 8,500 US troops have been put on heightened alert as the White House prepares for Russia’s “imminent invasion” of Ukraine.

From the constant drumbeat and collective panic emanating from Washington and the American news media, you’d think things in Ukraine would be on a knife’s edge right now. After all, the White House is telling us a Russian invasion is “imminent.” Those Ukrainians must be running through the streets screaming in terror.

Only, they’re not.

According to reports from the country supposedly on the brink of imminently invaded, things are calm. more

7 Comments on Operation Wag the Dog

  1. Why are we making a bunch of noise about protecting the integrity of the Ukrainian border when our southern border is wide open? Where are the elephants in Congress? And the turtle says bite-me handling this Ukraine-Russia issue just right.

  2. Maybe we could invite the Russians to send the 11th Guard tank army to our southern border to stop the invasion of illegals. I’m sure they would take us up on it. And do a hell of a lot better job than Kamela!

  3. Call me crazy but if Trump ordered ground troops to protect a country that paid his family millions in illegal cash, I bet the media would be covering it differently.

  4. Jolting Joey Obiden Bama has already reduced the number on heightened alert down to 1,000 soldiers. Mustn’t upset Puttie. How is it possible that Putin will be concerned about this development? Why did he wait until now to start pushing the Ukrainians around? Didn’t the Main Stream Dementiacrat Media tell us for five years that Trump was Putin’s man in the White House? Humper must be giving advice to his Daddy again.


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