Opinion: America needs a driver’s license for gun ownership. -Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry

The Week– Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry (This guy lives in France, by the way. – bfh) (He needs fisking.)

There’s an obvious answer to America’s gun problem. There is no gun problem. We have a problem with people. That they choose a gun to carry out their evil is irrelevant. It should please both aggressive gun control reformers and gun rights loyalists. And it would prevent a lot of deaths. No it wouldn’t.

It’s simple. As the Supreme Court has made clear, the Bill of Rights gives Americans a personal, individual right to bear arms. Nope. The Bill of Rights doesn’t give us the right to bear arms.  That right is given to us by God. 2A says that no man can take that right away. However, exercise of that right can and should be regulated. Shall not be infringed. Want to own a gun? Go right ahead: But it should be contingent on not only preliminary, but continuous training and background checking requirements. Shall not be infringed.

Such requirements would naturally vary by state. But they should include serious background checks, including a psychiatric evaluation.  Whereby everyone will be deemed too unstable to own a gun. The left says Trump is unstable. He would not be able to own a gun. To buy a gun, you would have to go through rigorous training in shooting, firearm security, and perhaps first aid and crisis response  Sounds costly. How will poor people, who can’t even afford to get voter ID, accomplish this? — in other words, something like a driver’s license for guns. I can’t afford it. More importantly, you would have to pass a basic proficiency test at least once a year. I thought you said this would be like a driver’s license? My mother is 89 and can’t open a bottle of water, yet she gets behind the wheel of a car.

America should also consider mandating that gun owners obtain membership in a properly licensed gun club. What about the poor people? What about the people who live nowhere near a gun club? The idea isn’t just that it would ensure better training and proficiency, but also that somebody in danger of going off the rails might be noticed by a fellow shooter, who might report something. Does being a conservative count as going off the rails? I think a leftist thinks so. No thanks.

The model here would be Switzerland The nation of 8 million white people. where around two million firearms — more than one for every three residents —are privately owned, and yet gun violence is practically nonexistent. Just like America 70 years ago. Reservists can keep their service weapon— that is, fully-automatic assault rifles which rifles are not assault rifles? We have to get rid of them. They are ineffectual. of the kind that are absolutely illegal in the U.S.— in their home, provided they keep up with their reserve requirements, which includes yearly training. Most reservists also belong to gun clubs, which are often subsidized by the army.

The total silence about Switzerland in the American public debate is quite telling. Progressives don’t like to admit that there might not be such a direct correlation between the number of guns and violence, whereas conservatives don’t like to admit that the way to square that circle would be requirements that would make Second Amendment absolutists scream.

If everyone could see past their own ideological blindspots, however, they might be able to recognize that this is a good compromise, Compromise on a God given right? Who are you? and provides something for everyone. Progressives would have real limitations that would prevent violence. How so? Will the criminals be joining gun clubs? Conservatives would have real recognition of the individual right to bear arms We already have real recognition. It’s called our founding documents. that is part of the American social contract (and they should like a reduction in violence too!).

This vision is also very much in line with the Founders’ intentions. I’m done with you.



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  1. Does anyone find it odd that leftists never apply their rules to who gets to vote? Like being of a mature age, knowledge of our gov’t, history and civics, being a citizen and so on. Voting can be far more deadly than any firearm. Just picture Hillary in the Oval Office.

    Pascal should apply his euro-weenie restrictions to who they should let in his country before he finds himself on the roof of a tall building.

    BTW Pascal, I’m with grayjohn– Piss Off!

  2. Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette, was commissioned as a sous-lieutenant in France when he was 13. He volunteered his assistance to Washington, and was made a major general at age 19. He was a violent, pugilistic, martialistic little boy who who was constantly spounting unpopular ideas. Today, his incendiary FB writings would get him in trouble in school and no doubt he also would be drugged on Ritalin. He wouldn’t qualify for a gun license probably ever.

  3. Hey Pascal, we don’t give a tinkers dam about what a cheese eating surrender monkey thinks.
    The French, Germans and Brits were once men, now they just suck.
    For Sale
    French military rifle
    Never fired
    Dropped once

  4. Fuck off you commie frog piece of shit. No one asked your goddamn opinion. If we need lessons on how to surrender, we’ll give you a call.

  5. We need a label for sub-sub Alpha’s. Following the phonetic alphabet, this guy is a Charlie Male, or even possibly a Delta Male. Even better: An Echo Male.

  6. The dems are forever dividing society into warring groups, isolating them to highlight differences and exploiting those differences to stir unrest. That of course generates friction between groups and often violence follows.
    By stopping their basic political strategy for gaining power they could curtail most violence by guns or other means.
    They know this but will never surrender that method of gaining power.

  7. To continue Monseiur Cheese Eater’s line of Swiss “logic”, is the Gubberment going to provide ALL my ammunition so I can afford to go shooting at the “club” in order to stay proficient with my chosen weapon?
    With a country the size of the US, and the total numbers of guns and shooters, that’s a HELL of a lot of ammo, costing a HELL of a lot of money.
    Somehow, I’m not seeing it.

  8. I know where I’ve seen that face before, in all those postings about “soy-boys” and their meat-gazer grins. That’s why “he’s” such a beta, he eats and drinks soy.

  9. Advice from a surrender monkey from a country who’s A$$ we had to save not once but twice in the last century. How’s that no gun thing workin out for France now that she’s imported the muzzie horde that’s destroying your way of life?

    Go eat some snails Pascal.

  10. As my old non-Italian grandmother would say, “You no live-a in this-a neighborhood,
    you shaddupa you face!”

    Or something like that.


  11. Yeah – because getting a driver’s license, AND…

    – a marriage license
    – boarding a plane
    – having a child
    – running for state or federal office
    – getting WIC
    – a credit card
    – a college loan

    … are ALL EASIER, than legally acquiring a firearm, smugtard! >:-(

    Stay in France – the welfare rolls NEED you. 🙄

  12. Since blacks are too lame, dumb, and stupid to get a drivers license, or some other form of I.D., in order to vote, we therefore can not have a Voter I.D. law according to the leftist scumbags. And they are also apparently too remotely isolated in their huts and villages in Detroit, Atlanta, Newark, Shitcago, etc… to have internet access.

    So how then would these dumb blacks ever be able to have equal access to guns and gun licenses? Lets ask Faracon, Waters, Ellison, Johnson, Lee, Jackson, Jimson, Joneson and the rest of the black caucus for an answer.

    Maybe the test should be, first you dumb, lame, stupid, blacks prove you can obtain a state I.D. in order to vote and then when you show us you can overcome that, we will think about the gun license scheme.

  13. Typical liberalism – try to hide your gun restriction policy behind a ‘common sense’ practice. But the reality is this would prevent many Americans from being able to own guns by added costs for the licemae and training thereby really targeting the poor. Those who must need guns the most. And it does nothing to remove guns from criminals.

  14. France has already surrendered the country. I will not be taking advice from this Surrender Monkey since I will not surrender my country.

  15. Speaking of driver license as related to gun ownership, Governor Rick Scott signed the new law, which sets gun ownership at 21 here in Florida where someone can get a restricted (learner permit) driver license at 15 and regular driver license at 16.
    I like Rick Scott, but h is under fire for signing this. NRA has already challenged this new law. Marion Hammer of the NRA (home based in Tallahassee) is leading the charge. Hammer 🔨 time.

  16. “The right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

    Maybe this translates funny into Frog. A “license” is an infringement. PERIOD.

    Fuck Off, Eat Shit (pretty standard fare for Frogs), and Die.
    Another decade of musselmen and even the the Frogs may come to understand the advantages of Self-Defense. Heaven knows they learned absolutely nothing from the past century.

    izlamo delenda est …

  17. Is “fisking” “pardon my French” for “a joyride in the trunk of a stolen auto with some New French née Africans up front”?


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