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OPINION: Feinstein Is The True Villain Of The Kavanaugh Hearings

Daily Caller: The circus was a name frequently used for the just-completed Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. While Senate Republicans generally tried to be adults and turned over the most sensitive part of the hearing to a professional, one senator made a case for bringing the Senate to its lowest low this century.

Sure, Sen. Mazie Hirono announced a standard that criminal accusations should be believed based on the views of the accused. Sen. Kamala Harris left liberals on the edge of her seat with a breathless insinuation of a connection between one of President Trump’s personal law firms and Kavanaugh that turned out to be a nothing-burger.

And, of course, Sen. Cory Booker will forever be known for labeling himself “Spartacus” for his attempt, and apparent failure, to break Senate confidentiality rules.

But one person was the ringmaster and deserves scorn from all sides of the political spectrum and anyone who thinks the Senate should be a distinguished body: Sen. Dianne Feinstein.

Senator Feinstein was not a partisan Democrat, she was a destructive force out to ruin the reputations of all parties. Let’s start with Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. Ford was a reluctant and nervous accuser. Yet Feinstein seemingly did everything she could to use Dr. Ford as a pawn.  read more

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  1. I loved how she “investigated” if her staff had leaked Ford’s letter, when Cornyn brought it up. She looked over her shoulder, some staffer said no, and she sez, “No. The answer is no, they did not leak it, I just asked them.”

    I’m sick of the sweet old grandmother persona she puts on for the cameras, when the truth is she’s a ruthless, evil witch that would stop at NOTHING to advance her agenda. But I do have faith in the fact that the Left ALWAYS goes too far, and the American public is starting to wise up to it, including rank & file Democrats. They may not be able to pull the lever for a Republican, but I’m betting they’ll be willing to sit this one out come November.

  2. Finestain: “turn in all your guns Mr.& Mrs America.” So many politicians hate our country. I believe this old bat is one of them.

  3. Only the very worst of the worst of scum rises to the top of the democrat party. The democrat party is corruption on steroids.

  4. Infamy. A name that will live in infamy. The infamous Dianne Feinstein. An infamous enemy of the United States Constitution. She doesn’t believe that ambushing a distinguished American and destroying his reputation and family with unprovable, slanderous accusations brought by a raving lunatic are beyond her role to give Advice and Consent under the Constitution. Her only agenda at this point is getting re-elected.

  5. I may get flamed for not expressing this clearly enough, but Feinstein played her role perfectly. The Democrats will do anything to delay a Supreme Court nomination through the mid-terms and beyond. They know full well that a liberal bias on the Supreme Court is the way they will continue to pass their agenda. Grasseley fumbled with the usual Republican, “We have to bend over backwards to be fair”. Feinstein made her sleazy play for a delay with the support of an unwavering wall of Democrat Senators, media and lawyers who worked for the DNC more than Ford. Criticize her, but she did her job and will face no consequences.

  6. If only we had an honest press, this would never have happened and senator frankenstein would’ve been outed decades ago.

  7. I have to laugh! DiFi’s chauffeur was not a Chinese spy, he was DiFi’s comrade subordinate. Diane is the spy, how dumb can we be? Are we forgetting how this game is played?

  8. Well, once again, the words of a now deceased friend from E. Texas ring true: “Hayuhl, ***, din’t yew ivver larn thet sheit flowts own craym?”.

  9. Sen. Prick Durbin also deserves recognition for being an oversized azz in this hearing/ aka good-name-assassination and many other things.

  10. I’m tired of the media portraying Ford as this poor misused innocent victim. She was just as complicit. I hope the FBI investigates her.


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