Opinion: Trump Sets a Trap for Pelosi and Schumer


The first tranche (goofy word, probably of French origin, meaning. “portion”) of the congressionally authorized, Wuhan China Virus relief is about to expire. Now the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives is in discussions with the Republican-controlled Senate to work on compromise legislation for the next tranche.

The Democrat House, led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi has passed its version of relief costing over 3 Trillion dollars.

The enormous Democratic measure would cost more than the prior four coronavirus bills combined. It would deliver almost $1 trillion for state and local governments, another round of $1,200 direct payments to individuals and help for the unemployed, renters and homeowners, college debt holders and the struggling Postal Service.

Republicans saw the bill as a Democratic political blunder. They said overly generous unemployment benefits discouraged people from returning to work, and attacked language helping immigrants in the U.S. illegally get federal benefits. They also singled out provisions helping states set up voting by mail and easing the marijuana industry’s access to banks.
“It may help the cannabis industry, but it won’t help Main Street,” said House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif.

The Republicans Senate is working on its own version and showing some rare backbone by trying to keep this new appropriation limited. McConnell’s team is seeking to clean up previous mistakes by preventing unemployment benefits from exceeding what workers would make on the job. Gee whiz, who could have predicted that if you pay somebody more for sitting on his keister than he makes in his regular job, he will willingly stay home? For once, our team also appears to be looking ahead in other areas.

The confusing — and many times contradictory — advice regarding the spread and treatment of the Wuhan China Virus, has great potential to change the litigation landscape. Led by McConnell, the Republican side of the Senate is pushing inclusion of language to limit civil suits, by holding employers harmless from employee efforts to hold them responsible for Wuhan China Virus that may or may not have resulted from going back to work. This only makes sense. Without such legislation, the slip and fall attorneys, long members of the Democrat political machine, would run rampant, thus putting a huge drag on the economic recovery. Of course, Pelosi, Schumer, et al, are violently opposed to this particular proviso. more

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  1. Eff this fancy French “Tranche” bullshit. It’s a Chinese virus.


    The first Yībùfèn of the congressionally authorized, Wuhan China Virus relief is about to expire.

    So is the goddam virus. Stop printing money for your cronies, asshoes.

  2. The federal student loan debt is around 1 trillion.

    That could be wiped out UNDER THE CONDITION that universities are SALARY CAPPED so that they don’t explode tuition fees knowing that the government will eventually pay for it all. In fact, their salary should be lowered. Anyone can teach Civil War history, the outcome hasn’t really changed much, why are they raking in $150,000 a year to teach that?

    “Well, you should be HAPPY with your life-killing tuition, UCLA charges way more than we do!”

    It’s like saying, “Oh so I’m 10 pounds overweight? Well, be glad with that, the neighbor’s wife is 20 pounds overweight!”

    3 trillion bucks can just be signed away and spent just like that. Pretty incredible.

  3. Tranche is indeed of French origin, but its meaning is a little bit more specific than “portion”. It means “slice” or “cut”. As in, “Mmm-mmm! I think I’ll have me another tranche of that chess pie.”

  4. The Death Merchants D’rats dearly love the Chicom Whuflu Panicdemic. Several of their governors sent virus sick “typhoid marys” into nursing homes to bump of the elderly and take that “wasted” money used for their care to buy 10 votes for the cash they saved for each death.

  5. I work in low income rental housing. We had an applicant that declared his income at $653 a week. I told home that was great, where do you work. He named a factory down the road a bit.

    I told him to take the employment verification form to his boss and bring it back with the rest of the application.

    He said I’m laid off right now.

    I said, well, you’ll be called back soon, because they are opening back up as fast as they can.

    He said I was only a temp there for a short time before they closed down.

    I said, no problem, take it to the temp place.

    He said he didn’t work there very long.

    I said, but you got $653 A week? Well, the $653 is my current income.


    It’s my unemployment.

    Oh…… then your current income is only $53 because we can’t count the $600 as income

    Bligerantly, he asked why not!! It’s what I am getting each week!

    Finally I stopped the argument by asking, are you going to declare the $600 per week as income on your taxes?

    Indignant, ‘NO’.

    Why not?

    It’s not income.


    He stated he would not go back to the temp for work until his unemployment ran out.

    I said you need to think about it, because EVERYONE will be looking for work then and you may not get work.

    This is a true story, probably repeated thousands of times.

    We have a small complex of 70 Apts and only one Tenant used the $1200 to pay rent.

    Most of our tenants are extremely hardworking Hispanics. Some on work visas, some otherwise, (we are not allowed to ask). Most of our tenants have paid all along, with only about 6-8 non-payers for the entire FAUX COVID mess. And all of those are born in the USA citizens. And we know each of them has been working all along. It’s shameful.


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