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Opinions That Are Allegedly Unpopular

I’m not that sure these opinions are unpopular-

Bored Panda says, “People Are Sharing Their Unpopular Opinions On This Online Group.”

Kids Who Succeed Academically Deserve Scholarships More Than Kids Who Are Good At Sports

If A Police Chief Coordinates A “No Knock House Raid” And They Go The Wrong House, They Should Be Charged With Whatever Happens

Screw You If You Record Yourself Giving Things To Homeless People

If I Catch A Baseball At A Major League Game And You Send Your Kid Over, You’re The As**ole, Not Me

-I’m Not Telling My Kids To Never Hit Girls

Hiring A Stripper Before The Day Of Your Supposed To Be Married To The Love Of Your Life Is Disgusting, And Extremely Weird

If You Don’t Want To Donate Your Organs After You Die; You Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Receive Donated Organs

Amazon Could Really Use A “Filter Out Chinese Sellers” Option

People Are Always Concerned About The Planet We’re Leaving For Our Kids, But Nobody Cares About What Kind Of Kids We’re Leaving For The Planet


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  1. “–If You Don’t Want To Donate Your Organs After You Die; You Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Receive Donated Organs”

    Prove they wait til you’re dead.
    Also, one has nothing to do with the other.
    You have no idea what your organs will look like by the time someone comes at you with a pair of tongs, whether you willingly give them up (on paper) or not.

  2. Oh horseshit. These opinions are plenty popular, but not being PC people are afraid to say or post them.

    My brother told an entire party that they were full of shit after they were feigning shock at something I said. He told them: Dan didn’t say anything everyone else wasn’t thinking. The difference between him and you assholes is he is honest about what says and he doesn’t say anything about anyone he wouldn’t say to their face.

  3. “I’m Not Telling My Kids To Never Hit Girls”

    First time I wondered whether I might be wrong was when my first son went through SERE as an army pilot. The classroom instruction for weeks had what I believe (in retrospect) must have been girl actors. Then later, during SERE torture testing, what he assumed (and what I now don’t believe) was a female classmate was (apparently) tortured in front of him in order to see if they could get him to talk. She screamed and cried her head off. The kids are not aupposed to talk about what happens in SERE but he did mention this as the hardest part for him to get through. I seriously doubt that a female was subjected to pain and stuff much worse (apparently) than a big guy was. (And he never saw the woman afterward during flight trainings.) Then again, there are actual female pilots in training. What is their SERE training like? What is the comparable? Women can be in combat… but? I wish someone would clear up this mystery.

  4. MJA,

    I never thought much about organ donation until a physician told me: organa aren’t harvested from dead people; anesthesia is used; brain death is not a always a medically conclusive thing; millions can be made from all kinds of harvested body parts (bone, cornea, tissue etc. other than the major organs we think of as “organs”; and if you have a stroke there’s a conflict for the physicians regarding immediate treatment because what’s good for preserving the organs for potential harvesting might not be what’s best to preserve your brain functioning in case you can recover.

  5. The “no knock raids” should definitely be held to the utmost standard.
    It could easily be abused or it may be some fucking idiot bureaucrat made a fatal mistake.
    Cops do stupid shit too.
    The whole no-knock shit should be limited to a life or death situation.
    Not a fan of the Breanna Taylor aftermath but they really had no pressing need to go in that night.

  6. “–Screw You If You Record Yourself Giving Things To Homeless People”

    …the Bible covers this one…

    “1 Take heed that ye do not your alms before men, to be seen of them: otherwise ye have no reward of your Father which is in heaven.

    2 Therefore when thou doest thine alms, do not sound a trumpet before thee, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, that they may have glory of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward.

    3 But when thou doest alms, let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth:

    4 That thine alms may be in secret: and thy Father which seeth in secret himself shall reward thee openly.”
    Matthew 6:1-4

    If you can’t do good and shut up about it…then you didn’t do good.

    Not MY rule-Jesus’s.

    …and it’s a good rule, too…

  7. MJA
    MARCH 8, 2021 AT 12:10 AM
    “–If You Don’t Want To Donate Your Organs After You Die; You Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Receive Donated Organs”

    …gotta read the fine print on the donor card…


  8. MJA
    MARCH 8, 2021 AT 12:10 AM
    “Prove they wait til you’re dead.
    Also, one has nothing to do with the other.”

    …but seriously, when my father-in-law passed, he was down with a myocardial infarction due to cardiomyopathy for too long before resuscitation, and if you saw the seizure activity that was barely contained by heavy drugs, the flat, vacant eyes with the pupil blown on one side, the chaotic EKG and even more chaotic EEG, and the brainless sounds and total lack of bilateral symmetry when the family had him extubated so he could die in peace, you’d know what brain death looked like. He was powerful for an older man, very tall and strong, and to see him laid low and twitching with seizure after seizure was just pathetic. No one was home and no one was going to be home. Elvis had definitely left the building, and breathing meat was all that remained.

    It took him a long time to die even when extubated, and they basically euthanized him after awhile, where they kept giving him doses of morphine “because he looks like he might be in pain” until the morphine did what morphine does and shut down his respiration. With a DNR signed, that was it.

    Then they cane to my wife and sister to donate organs.

    His heart was trashed and macular degeneration ruled out his eyes and drinking ruled out his liver, but they got his leg bones, corneas, kidneys, and pericardium among other bits, claiming ultimately that parts of him remained alive in 17 different people.

    Didn’t do HIM any good, but made his daughters feel better.

    As for donor cards changing medical behavior, in the time and place I served on a squad, I didn’t see it. I never checked anyone’s organ donor status myself because as long as their organs were still inside, I was gonna go for the save, and I never saw the ER docs look either, certainly not BEFORE they called a time of death, anyway, too much going on, wasn’t like the charge nurse suddenly piped “oh look, a donor card! Let him die!”

    …but that WAS decades ago.

    Things HAVE changed.

    Medicine has become so unethical now, as proven by the COVID scam, that EVERYTHING is suspicious.

    And as an old White dude, I’m ALREADY marked for genocide.

    …so the wife can do what she wants with the remains, but I’m not gonna put the idea in THEIR heads by suggesting it MYSELF…

  9. Supernightshade, I am too uneducated about the donor program.
    Thanks for your input.
    I would think those younger than 40 would be ideal as a donor.
    Yes, my liver is likely 80% tequila.
    I was 50 when my appendix expired.
    Why? who knows? Usually guys age 17-25.
    I agree that you can’t trust a damn thing in medicine these days.

    Imagine what kind of bullshit the Chinese pull EVERY FUCKING DAY!
    But like biden* says… “they’re not bad folks, folks…”

  10. SNS
    You’re already upside down.
    Will they have to kiss your ass before they start cutting out the desired bits and pieces?

  11. Handsome MD
    MARCH 8, 2021 AT 7:57 AM

    “Will they have to kiss your ass before they start cutting out the desired bits and pieces?”

    …under such circumstances it will scarcely be a concern of mine what they do and do not kiss, but I’m trying to wear everything out pretty evenly so there won’t be anything left they can use anyway.

    Besides, my donor tissue would probably be rejected by any recipient for being too sarcastic, but that’s just me…

  12. “Screw You If You Record Yourself Giving Things To Homeless People”

    I watched a Drake video a year or so ago. Have you heard of him? He has broken nearly every record for music sales, more than the Beatles or anyone. He owns a 767. So I watched one of his most-watched videos and it was basically this. He makes zillions by videoing himself giving money to people. Disgusting. And disgusting that people pay him.

  13. A lot of ant-America and America hating crap there.
    Most of it sound like far left kooks screaming at the clouds.


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