Oppressed Blacks Survived Through Trust in God – Blacks Now Trust in Government and They Are an Endangered Species

American Thinker-

In 1950, eighty-five years after slavery, the two-parent black household was 78%.  By the mid-sixties, black lives started to matter much less under LBJ’s Great Society.  Now, just fifty-three years after the War on Poverty began, the once stable two-parent black household has disintegrated to an abysmal 27%, and the black church is all but silent!  The roots of this catastrophe were sown the minute the black church started trusting in government instead of God.

…the Democratic Party has placed itself in direct opposition to God.  Those whose stand against God dig their own graves, and the black church by and large has decided to dig alongside the Democrats.

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12 Comments on Oppressed Blacks Survived Through Trust in God – Blacks Now Trust in Government and They Are an Endangered Species

  1. No one should ever trust this government. But when Hillary gets in, everything will be okay.

  2. Thomas Sowell wrote extensively about this democrat generated decline. It’s a shame that they have never awoke to this. Who knows how things could have been. It’s a certainty it would have been much better for all.

  3. Poor Larry, he is pitiful at baiting traps. Though his methods probably work well with the morons he agrees with.

  4. Sure, it’s been a decline into slavery but that state became a natural for them because of their religious legalism.
    Blacks need a Moses to lead them into the promised land.

  5. 50 years should be enough time to analyze how Black America has fared under the Civil Rights Act as administered by liberals and Democrats. Liberals have generated a lot of promises and really not much else – and to be honest liberals really don’t want Black America to be successful because successful people turn conservative. Liberals are just fine with how Black America is doing.

    And Hillary doesn’t give a shit about Black America except to make sure they vote Democrat. Even Obama didn’t give a shit about Black America because he knew they would vote for him. So after half a century, how are those Democrat policies working out for you?

  6. President Trump’s question for black American; “What have got to lose?” is even more powerful in retrospect. He probably looked at the statistics for black Americans and was completely shocked.
    The worst part is the misery most blacks suffer is self inflicted. Blind faith in socialist doctrine has resulted in; paronoid victimhood, infanticide (thru abortion) slave mentality, abnormal social and habitual criminal behaviors.
    Spiritually, in general, the black population in America have a “form of godliness” and no longer have faith in a relationship with the True and Living God which sustained them so well for decades.

  7. A close neighbor of mine is a God fearing black woman.
    She is very nice and sweet and we get along fine.
    I chat with her often.
    I do not know her politics and she doesn’t know mine.

  8. Same goes for all human AMERICANS, regardless of race or color.
    Nuclur family is the only way to go cause
    it is GOD’S WAY !

  9. While the genocide of the black nuclear family (patriarchy! all kinds of love! better to… cut that mic full of silliness) is catastrophic, the cause is not, in any way, shape, or form, racist. And that is why blacks can not fix it. Not while living in a society that demands the completely colorblind causes of that genocide continue.

  10. How sad that so many ignorant liberals fall prey to the lies and deceit of communism.

    As a side note; Larry the Liberal can eat shit and die….I am being as polite as possible.

  11. Wyatt — Funny, too, how none of these billion dollar schemes ever have a period of evaluation built in. It’s just assumed the program will work according to the theorists. Mary Shelley wrote a book about that.


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