Oprah Winfrey Stabs #MeToo Filmmakers in the Back

And a Left-wing activist says Oprah has some #metoo problems of her own.

Breitbart: Oprah Winfrey just stabbed #MeToo documentary filmmakers Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering in the back by abruptly pulling out of their upcoming movie, which means they have lost their distributor.

The history of this, as laid out by ShowBiz 411, is extremely revealing about just what a terrible person Oprah is.

None of this is at all surprising, at least not to me. Let’s not forget we’re talking about the same Oprah Winfrey who falsely accused an innocent shopgirl of racism back in 2003 to help promote a movie.

By the way, the movie in question– and this is important — was The Butler, which was produced by Harvey Weinstein, the disgraced mogul currently on trial for rape. It’s no secret, either, that Oprah and Weinstein became close during this time and that Oprah very much appreciated the (failed) campaign Weinstein launched to win her an Oscar.

A little history…

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  1. I love how Orca, an overweight, unmarried, childless racist can give everyone advice on diet, children, marriage and race relations.
    She sold her soul a long time ago. And what’s with that cuck Stedman?

  2. oprah winfry is a polished turd, like obama. Unlike obama, she is talented, though – give her that.

    She’s just very warped. Her not having children is an indication. Imagine being so narcissistic you can’t even share your time with a kid?

  3. (Oprah, inspired by Gwyneth Paltrow)


    (Studio audience excitedly erupts…)

  4. Because most of the imminent #metoo victims will be the chosen people who run Hollywood. She knows who made her fat, mediocre persona famous (In order to degrade the concept of womanhood in the USA. Yet another way to corrode us.) This stuff is so easy to see yet most can’t. The same people corroding us are the same people in control of ALL our cultural narratives.

  5. I still remember her virtue signal fest
    when she went down to N.O. after Katrina
    and gave people who never worked for it a
    new house full of fine furniture.


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