Orange County Dems Give 120% Effort

The official vote count is in for one of California’s most conservative counties and the numbers are simply stunning. “Precinct 38083 in Orange County, California had a 120% turnout – 465 registered voters and 561 ballots cast in this precinct.” More

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  1. I can see how this kind of thing happens in a Democrat district, but in a conservative district wouldn’t there be some conservatives watching the process?

  2. I pointed out before the election that democrats routinely break the law and get away with it. Democrats count the votes. Now democrats pick who goes to Washington, not the voters. Democrats talk endlessly about democracy, a sure bet they’re after the opposite. Republicans let them get away with it.

  3. First of all is anyone surprised. No I am not San Diego county has over 120% registered voters versus people of voting age. Between illegals voting (1500 MY ass try 1.5 million Illegals registered to vote) and vote harvesting no wonder the DemocRATS won. Vote harvesting is voter fraud. A person unknown to the VOTER? shows up and asks to collect their ballot and take it to the polling place. How does the poll worker at the polling place KNOW that that vote is the real vote. All it would take is the person collecting the votes to have a slew of blank ballots, you know to help voters who messed up their ballots. This helpful person would then take the ballot to an undisclosed location remove the ballot and replace it with a ballot that voted correctly. BINGO there you go 120% of the legally registered voters in the area voted. VOTER FRAUD

  4. If the Dems are going to use dead voters, shouldn’t we at least make them dig them up and bring them to the polling place?

  5. California democrats/liberals have dismantled any sort of voting security and placed laws like jungle primaries and this ballot harvesting (among others) in place to ensure that no matter how bad things become in the state the Dems will always be in power sucking out the goods from the productive members (including low caste democrats) to give to themselves and the non-productive members. I’m not sure how you turn this disaster around. One thing is for sure, when California comes begging to DC Trump needs to tell them they’re on their own.

  6. I do not know if a fellow poster suggested it on this site or not, but simply make voter fraud punishable by death…….. any representative that supports this would be AGAINST voter fraud, whilst any representative that does not…… well…….

    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell


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