OREGON: $3.79 per gallon

How’s it going in your state?

Oregon Catalyst: The latest data from AAA shows that Oregon makes the top 5 top list for states with expensive gasoline prices.  The average Oregon gas price was $3.79 as of November 2021.  Oregon gas prices are high because our state has a hidden gas tax called the Clean Fuel Standard — a complicated bureaucratic scheme which forces businesses to pay a fee over high-blend fuel requirements.   Despite media requests, it is unknown on exactly how much the total fee costs are and where the money is going but politicians promise us that this hidden fuel tax is very important.  So very important that transparency and accountability are not needed.  Go figure. more

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  1. Gas was $2.20 the day PRESIDENT Trump left. Now it’s $3.69 thanks to ELECTION FRAUD.

    “The left must be eradicated.”

  2. It was 1.79 here before Butthole. I had Hy Vee points that were .87 cents a gallon when Trump was around.

  3. And it will be $5 by spring. Chinese oil is more gooder, for china and bidens.
    I see a big motorcycle sales potential.

  4. I go to a Chevron that’s easy to get to, normally not hugely busy and they have a good car wash. Unincorporated King Co. WA ( eastside from Seattle). Other places I’ve seen lower still in the upper $3 but also higher than where I go too.

    Reg $4.09
    Mid $4.19
    Premium $4.39

    Sucks that I have to use premium!

  5. As expensive as it is here in Oregon, it is about a buck per gallon more in California. And on a recent trip to Oklahoma, about a buck a gallon cheaper there.

  6. If you think it’s bad now, wait until the vax mandate.
    You won’t see too many ‘1203’ labeled fuel tankers.
    That is gasoline my friends.
    Gas prices may not go up more but only because it isn’t being delivered.

  7. The week before Thanksgiving, I drove from SE Texas to Pennsylvania and back. The further north I got, the gas was more expensive. I made it a point not to fill up in PA because it was so damn high. Today, I saw gas here for $2.63.

  8. “Gas prices may not go up more but only because it isn’t being delivered.”

    If the demand is there and the supply isn’t, guess what happens?

  9. A friend and his family getting ready to dump the filthy and bombed-out shelter ghost town by the name of NYC says the gas is $4/gallon and rising.

  10. On the Olympic Peninsula, 3.89

    It was 1.89 late last year in n AR

    Thanx asshole, you could have just not done a fucking thing and saved all of us a fucking fortune.

  11. The best and cheapest gas in Spokane right now is $3.31 a gallon for regular which is about what it is in N. Idaho. In Jan. of this year before joey poopy pants became presidunce gas was averaging about $2.30 – $2.40 a gallon for regular, thanks for nothing asshole.

  12. In MD the price for regular ranges from 3.20 in rural areas to over 4.00 in the libtard areas near DC. I paid 3.21 in Eldersburg the other day.

  13. Borockhead said energy prices must necessarily skyrocket. Guess who is in charge of this clown? I know which one?

  14. Wait. What? Are you saying Biden got it all wrong? It’s not cheaper to pump oil out of American soil, send it to China, then buy it for less?

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