Oregon: Another Wave Of Portland Police Quit

GP: Another Wave Of Portland Police Quit Amid Massive Spike In Shootings And Stabbings; Fire Dept. Responding To 10+ Homeless Tent Fires A Day.

Yes, Virginia, Portland is continuing to slide further and further into 3rd world status. If you can believe it, the situation is actually getting worse, as we bring you the latest in Portland s***hole news.

The city is set to the the year with nearly 900 shootings. Yes, 900. Out of those, 225 people were hit, 53 ended up as homicides. In many other instances people were taken to hospitals, yet some didn’t want to cooperate with police. In other incidents there are only reports of shots fired and shells found on the ground, yet no victims. This is despite the state legislature passing several new gun control laws in recent years, including “universal background checks”, “red flag laws”, and others. This goes along with nearly 70 stabbings on the year. This is the worst crime the city has seen since the early 90’s crime peak. read more

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  1. Nothing to see here, move along…you racist, sexist, lgbtq-ist, misogynist, scum-of-the-earth-ist conservatives. Portland will self destruct on it’s own, thank you very much. Just leave us be.

  2. The police are leaving Seattle just as fast.
    Who can blame them.

    Another dumb AntiFa protest shut down i90 today for awhile. Losers.

  3. Portland is phukt as long as the demo commies control the media, education, and vote counting. Downtown area circling the drain. Extremely wealthy liberals own most the property. They’re going broke because of the people they put in office.

  4. This is EXACTLY the goal! Watch who replaces the police: BLM and Antifa thugs!

    Read “A Clockwork Orange” or watch the movie – this series of events is exactly the story. Only in “A Clockwork Orange”, even communists didn’t take over, just oligarchs. We’re worse off.

  5. “This is EXACTLY the goal! Watch who replaces the police: BLM and Antifa thugs!”

    Nah, this is just a part of a plan for a Federal takeover of local police departments.

    One which will probably succeed.

    A part of the overall strategy in the three dimensional game of chess that is being played, one where everyone thinks they are the players and no one seems to realize that they are just the pawns in the game.

  6. Fire dept. responding to 10 plus homeless fires a day.

    Just dig a trench around them and call it a controlled burn.


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