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Oregon Democrat’s legislation would hike up food prices to save nonendangered bees

h/t Lars Larson.

WaEx: The myth about endangered, disappearing honeybees lives on — with potentially dire implications. Rep. Earl Blumenauer, an Oregon Democrat, just reintroduced “Save the Bees” legislation that would eliminate farmers’ most advanced and effective defenses against crop-destroying pests in the name of preventing imaginary bee declines and preserving food security, which the bill would actually undermine.

According to Blumenauer’s press release, “The United States lost an estimated one-third of its honeybee colonies between 2016 and 2018.” This sounds scary, except the Department of Agriculture data says otherwise: There were 2,780,000 honeybee colonies in 2016, compared to 2,828,000 in 2018. The bee pollination business is booming, and U.S. agriculture has never been more productive.

As is often the case in Washington, this legislation would do the opposite of what it claims: It would kill America’s long-standing technological dominance in agriculture, raise the cost of food, and actually harm bees and other pollinators. That’s because the measure’s ban on neonicotinoids and other innovative insecticides would force farmers to use older pesticides, including “organic” ones that are known to be harmful to bees. Unlike neonicotinoids, these older, inferior chemicals have to be sprayed on fields, rather than applied as seed treatments, and they must be used in much greater quantities because many pests have developed resistance to them. more here

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  1. Bee numbers have plunged at various times over the past few decades – and then recovered. Several times. It isn’t perfect, but capitalism motivates people to make sure the numbers stay up.

  2. Bee numbers are down as well as human numbers due to chemtrails. I watched an old UN broadcast the other day where one of the speakers admitted they have been putting dangerous chemicals into our air for decades and called for ending it. It’s poisoning our air, soil, and water.

  3. To bee or not to bee, that is the question. Don’t mess with the bees libtard, honey. Beehold, this Oregon democrap is an idiot. Is there Raid to eliminate him from the human gene pool because of his terminal stupidity and his in your face namby pambyism?

  4. This Blumenauer dope cherry picks his data. He covers only 3 recent years. When you go back to 2012, you see that honey production has increased 18% since 2012 and the number of colonies has increased during the same period from 2.62 million to 2.71 million.

    This is nothing more than fearmongering. Mothers will worry that the world will run out of honey, and liberals will look around for someone or someone to blame. A few years ago it was cell phone transmissions that confused the bees to the point they could not find their way back to the hive.

  5. Maybe poetic justice will be served if this con artist tries to do some publicity stunt at a bee hive and gets stung about a hundred times and finds out he is allergic to bee venom and nobody has a EpiPen because they are so damned expensive due to Manchin’s daughter’s corrupt leadership of Mylan (the company that makes them and drove the price through the roof!).

  6. Have you EVER asked yourself?

    Why is there no end to the scare tactics from the liberal asswipes in America??

  7. Alternative Headline:
    Oregon Democrats Reaffirm that cousins shouldn’t reproduce and marijuana makes people stupid.

  8. PHenry, duh! Marijuana does make you stupid which is why legalizing it has just made more aging baby boomers even stupider than they were before and more annoying. Wild horses couldn’t get me to smoke dope ever again. I didn’t know that there were many inbreds in Oregon, I thought that was mostly a Southern thing.

  9. Yeah Geoff. I smoked me some back in the day. I stumbled and bumbled for a few years. Too many, really
    The inbreeding joke was just that. A joke.

  10. There was an ICE AGE looming in the early 80s! Then it was RADON GAS! Then It was CARBURETTORS ARE KILLING EVERYTHING! Then it was ACID RAIN!

    I’m sure I’m missing something… oh, it was Y2K! WE WERE ALL GONNA DIE! We had to go around to every piece of gear, few of which even had any kind of programmable anything, and MAKE SURE THEY WORK IF YOU TYPE IN 2001 AS A YEAR!

    “Did you type in 2001, in off hours, and see if the D4 Channel banks failed?”

    “Yeah, you fucking moron, where was I gonna type anything in?”

    “You put a green Y2K sticker on it?”


  11. There were green Y2K stickers on fucking typewriters. They were on fans. They were on fucking power supplies.

    “Is this data tape machine Y2K Compliant?”

    “I figure since it got unplugged in 1987 it should probably be ignored.”

    “Naw, you gotta test this shit!”


    “Ehh… uhhh…”

  12. Blumenauer is dumber that Biden. This issue is simply another distraction. The democommunists are proving to be disastrous all over the nation and the last thing they want is for us to focus on all of their faults, crimes, incompetencies.

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