Oregon district halts condom giveaway to 6th graders amid community uproar


GERVAIS, Ore. – Unhappy parents have forced an Oregon school board to re-think its plan to begin handing out condoms to students – sixth-graders on up – when school starts up again this fall.

During a May meeting, school board members approved a plan in which trained teachers (presumably health teachers) would hand out prophylactics after first having “a discussion with the student,” StatesmanJournal.com reports. Some of those students could have been as young as 11 years old.

But when parents and community members caught wind of the “condoms-upon-request” plan, they flooded a June board meeting to express their displeasure.

“Some members of the public were offended that schools were stepping into the parents’ territory of addressing their children’s sexuality, according to minutes of the June board meeting,” StatesmanJournal.com reports.

“Others said condoms were not an effective solution to the problem. A few said students may need mental health help, not condoms. Another said abstinence should be promoted, not condoms. Many said they wanted help finding an alternative solution. No one spoke in support of the decision.”

On Wednesday, the Gervais school board voted to halt the plan until more research could be done


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  1. “High school principal Mike Solem noted at Wednesday’s meeting that students were “beating down teachers’ doors” asking for condoms when the plan was announced this spring.

    Solem’s anecdote fits with the revelation that 5 percent of the district’s middle and high school females became pregnant during the recently completed school year.”

    That means that 95% of girls did not get pregnant. How does that support Solem’s anecdotal math? Common Core. Note they did not give the total number of students in the middle and HS population, just the percentage.

  2. They certainly must expect them to act like a bunch of horny little bunnies with a limit of 3 rubbers per day. 6th grade was never like this in 1964-65, I didn’t even know what sex was back then or just barely.

  3. I just finished a project scoring 6th grade essays. No way in (where FDR is from) are they emotionally or mentally ready for this. They can barely string two coherent sentences together to form any semblance of a thought.

    Let them grow up first.

  4. @Claudia — Absolutely! And it’s time for parents to kick PP out of the schools, too. I have first hand experience dealing with a middle school administration after seeing the materials brought home by my then 14 year-old on the “marvels of friction!” and pornographic explanations for imaginative sex.

    When parents start getting involved, these social experimenters minds get blown — Gosh! Maybe there really is another way to look at these things, huh?

  5. You have to wonder what kind of job the parents are doing in bringing up these kids and the values they are instilling. It isn’t always the teachers fault alone. Having said that, this is such a dumb idea. I could kind of see this at maybe grade 8, maybe but 6 and 7 is just wrong.

    Also, have a close look at the “trained teachers” who will act as counselors and remember that there are more instances (in total and on per capita) of molesting in public school than there were with the Catholic Priest scandal.

  6. Claudia, this is 6th grade in liberaland publik edukachun…many of these 6th graders are probably old enough to drive and grow beards. Some probably even vote!

  7. The principal is a liar.

    I do not believe sixth graders are pounding his door demanding this.

    This is what he wants. Sexualized children.

  8. I was 11 years old when I began sixth grade in 1968. I had just began wearing bras. The idea that I might have been sexually active then would still horrify me allvthese decades later.

  9. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – it’s an established movement to sexualize kids younger and younger, there is a insatiable hunger by the powerful elite for having sex with children.

    By constantly putting it in front of them they hope to mainstream it and thus have more of a selection to choose from and a more ready supply.


    It’s like they are pedo vampires, feeding off kids.

    When I was a kid it was a big deal to hold hands with a girl, let alone kiss a girl. Now, there’s kids having oral sex with each other at recess.


    Where are the kids learning about this stuff? Hmmm? It’s everywhere.

    When my daughter was in the 2nd grade she had one of her friends over and they were up in her room playing with barbies. My wife caught the friend trying to convince my daughter that the barbies and kens needed to have sex so they could make babies, and this 2nd grader sure knew how that worked, as well.

    Needless to say my wife talked to the kids parent(s) when she took her home and explained that our kids don’t know anything about that stuff yet and don’t play that way. That girl doesn’t come in the house any more.

  10. @scr_north
    “I could kind of see this at maybe grade 8, maybe but 6 and 7 is just wrong.”

    There is no place for this at any grade. The public schools should have nothing the frick to do with this.

  11. I was 10 in the 6th grade and an idiot. Why is it okay to give birth control to children, why are parents being arrested for the same aged children being in parks alone?

  12. This school board needs to be sent to the re-education camps. They have made third graders miserable. Why are these running dogs denying first graders condoms? They must be made to pay after a fair and just Marxist trial.

    This message is brought to you by Comrade Sandra Fluke soon to be member of the Politboro.

  13. Just curious, if a teacher is having sex with the student, is that a violation of the “student only” policy on the condom jar? Or do the teachers get their own free condoms?

  14. liberals and sex ed = protection = must have condoms for all. Free.

    liberals and gun ed = call police for protection…kiss your @ss goodbye.

    Get laid, get killed. Its a kinder, gentler philosophy.

    Is it any wonder why their leaders are pelosi, reid and that half white fool.

  15. @DaveVA; Well, the parents sure as hell aren’t doing anything about it. Every year more and more teens are having babies and that’s not even counting the ones that Planned Parenthood are killing. I’m willing to concede that grade eight is perhaps too young (although 13 year olds are having kids) but since so many parents are abrogating their responsibility for explaining the birds and the bees as well as not monitoring what their kids are watching nor who they are hanging with or how they are dressing then someone better jump in to at least try to prevent the unwanted and unready pregnancies.

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