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Oregon governor to sign unprecedented bill providing free abortions for all

WaTimes: Oregon Gov. Kate Brown said Thursday that she plans to sign a sweeping, unprecedented bill requiring insurers to provide free abortions for their customers, including illegal immigrants.

“The ability to control our bodies and make informed decisions about health are critical to providing all Oregonians the opportunity to achieve our full potential and live productive, thriving lives,” the Democratic chief executive said in an email. “Attempts to deny access to contraceptives and family planning are an attack on all Oregonians, particularly women of color, low-income and young women.”

The $10.2 million bill, which cleared the state House and Senate with no Republican votes, also comes as a badly needed boost for Planned Parenthood’s Oregon affiliate, which helped write the measure and pushed for its passage as it struggles to keep its doors open.

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  1. Blood, terror, horror, pain, dismemberment, child sacrifice, death. These are the defining, primary, fanatic obsessions of the Left.

  2. Through my cracked and cloudy crystal ball, I can see that The Immutable Law of Unintended Consequences will soon come into play. Some of the possibilities…..
    -Being taken to court for being (state) unConstitutional
    -What few health insurers remaining in the state either leaving, or declaring bankruptcy….or both.
    -If the serfs have any remaining sense of independence, bring out the pitchforks and torches, and burn down the PP offices.

    Time will tell. Patience and wait. Bring out the lawn chair, libations, and popcorn, sit back and watch the show.

  3. I wonder how the Oregon PP would react if I, a white hetero male, walked in and demanded, by law, an abortion? And then threatened to sue on grounds of (race/gender/sexual orientation) discrimination when they refuse.

    (hehehehehe ain’t I a stinker?)

  4. @Geoff, Because Prog women are not content with being unattractive and working on a winning personality, they want the ugly to go all the way to the bone.

  5. Evil is what drives it all the way to the bone. A pro life friend of mine once debated Molly Yard over the issue of abortion. He told me that she was the ugliest woman both physically and spiritually that he had ever met.

  6. So this measure is critical “to providing all Oregonians the opportunity to achieve our full potential and live productive, thriving lives.” Except the ones we snuff out, of course. They don’t get that option.

    One question, can we make the abortions retroactive?

  7. Oregon and Washington both deserve far better Governors than we’ve had over the past 30 years or so. The democrap party has pretty much destroyed any hope of getting a good Republican or conservative Governor especially in Wash. state since Dino Rossi was hosed by Christine Gregoire in 2004. And don’t even get me started on Jay Inslee, what a pathetic puke for a governor.

  8. Let’s see if the feckless leadership of the House and Senate can stop the genocidal carnage.

    Can the GOP “Fake” leadership do anything right?

  9. “… all Oregonians…” which leaves out all the Catholics in the State and others who object to their tax dollars being used for abortions. “free abortions” is bullshit; no one is performing abortions FREE, somebody’s paying for it, probably against their will.

  10. “Attempts to deny access to contraceptives and family planning are an attack on all Oregonians, particularly women of color, low-income and young women.”

    Deny Access to contraceptives? How much does a condom cost?
    Killing the unborn is NOT “family planning!”
    Informed decisions about health? How about deciding to keep you pantsuit zipped up!

  11. That’s Oregon’s governor? Hardly inspirational. She looks like the lady who tells you that your library book is overdue and now your fine is $3. What a dumbass statement, if one wants control over one’s body, how about deciding when/where/why to *not* have sex? Oh that would be responsible and we can’t have that b/c it is government’s job to lord over everyone. Idiot

  12. The screwballs across the country are all very active in the political system, they never miss a vote. If people don’t get equally as active this is the result. The country is slipping away. This madness can only end one way.

  13. “Attempts to deny access to contraceptives” any evidence to support claims of such attemst?
    Because that sounds like an off-the-cuff bullshit line to me.

  14. “… requiring insurers to provide free abortions for their customers …”

    Why must insurers be “required” if the abortions are “free?”
    Seems to be some verbal legerdemain involved here. Can we assume that people who are religiously, or morally, opposed to abortion are being forced to finance them?

    If you want to murder your children, have at it!
    But you have no right, Constitutionally or morally, to coerce me into that particular grotesquerie, by any sort of active participation – killing them with my own hands or through my supporting finances.

    This is an abomination before God.

    izlamo delenda est …

  15. It should’ve read:
    “Oregon governor to sign unprecedented bill providing free abortions for all… whether you want one or not!”

    fixed it!, you’re welcome

    you get an abortion, and you get an abortion, everybody gets an abortion!

  16. The lesbian bitch killed Finnicum, she might as well garnish the plate with the bodies of innocent babies too.

  17. this is a direct high crime against humanity! can we rescind their statehood? and turn oregon into a huge christmas tree farm?

  18. For the children, because nothing says we care like cutting babys into little tiny bits as they silently scream inside the womb.
    Yes we must have rights over our body’s, until you are born, then the government will tell you what you can and can’t do for everything and then force you to pay for everybody else’s decisions.

  19. It’s not that we hate Californians, it’s that we hate those awful leftists who ran from the failed state of California and brought their failed ideas with them. Fags, dykes, anarchists, and other San Francisco types flooded Oregon because homes are more affordable. Now we’re stuck with them.

  20. The article said that 4 of Oregon’s Planned Parenthood clinics had closed. Isn’t that a good thing? Doesn’t that mean that fewer Oregon women decide to abort their children?

  21. A few years ago in British Columbia it was noticed that women of certain “ethnic” groups were getting abortions when they found out that their fetus was female. It was then declared that it was unethical for a sonogram technician to disclose the gender of a fetus. Mind you it was not considered unethical for a doctor to abort the fetus, but it was unethical for a technician to disclose the gender which might make the woman decide to get an abortion.

    I wonder what will happen in Oregon when they find that certain groups are getting abortions for no other reason than the fetus is female. I guess it depends on what group it is.

  22. Yes, this is our glorious one-party state (party of death), thanks to a 40-year influx of liberal californians. And our governor? A lesbian, disguised as a married “bisexual”. She was appointed one month after Kitzhaber was re-elected, but had to step-down amid flagrant corruption which was kept hidden by the Portland Oregonian and the rest of the MSM until right after the election. Kitz still hasn’t seen the inside of a courtroom, thanks to the Obama justice department. How is Oregon going to pay for the “free” abortions when it already can’t pay it’s bills? Increase taxes, of course.

  23. She is just cranky that her mother aborted her face and replaced it with a monkey’s butt!

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