Oregon: Idiot Politician Tried to Get Away with a Racism Hoax

Townhall: The Left thinks America is racist. We still have racial issues, yes—but racist? And no, a few videos of people being total idiots spewing racial epithets don’t prove your point. It seems the only people trying to make that narrative come to life are…people of color. We have another race hoax, folks. This time out on the Left Coast in Oregon. A Latino candidate for county commissioner expressed dismay over a racist letter he received. He was very familiar with it…because he wrote it and sent it to himself. This incident occurred in Umatilla County (via KOMO News):

Chief Jason Edmiston tells KEPR-TV News that the criminal investigation for second-degree intimidation due to the racist, hate-filled letter received by Jonathan Lopez on June 23 has been closed. The matter will be referred this week to the Umatilla County District Attorney’s Office for initiating a false report – a Class A misdemeanor in Oregon. MORE HERE

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  1. He’s also being investigated for Stolen Valor for claiming to have served in the US Coast Guard in his campaign literature, but has been unable to prove any service, which could come with Federal Charges.

  2. obnoxious fag.Has that Answer man Pooper
    just ‘plowed’ my back 40 on his punchable face.
    Another in the long list of hate hoaxes.

  3. Two White men in MAGA hats put Wonder bread in his mouth and forced him to send that racist letter to himself while they poured bleach over his head yelling “Build The Wall. Build The Wall”.

  4. Yes systemic racism is so prevalent in America these assholes have to constantly make shit up. I call Bullshit on BLM, the media and all democrats.


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