Oregon: Illegal Alien Deported More Than A Dozen Times Gets 35 Years For Other Crimes

Mexican national Sergio Jose Martinez, who had been deported numerous times, plead guilty to “to sodomy, kidnapping, sex abuse and other charges in separate attacks on two women” in Portland, OR yesterday and was sentenced to 35 years.

Mr. Martinez  had been released from the Portland lock up just days before the attack on the two women, despite requests from Immigration to hold the illegal immigrant for deportation.


Martinez was quoted as saying to the families of the victims “See all you guys in hell,” which given that he will be deported upon his release in 35 years, must mean Mexico.

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  1. It’s cases such as this that remind me of the old concept of declaring someone an outlaw. Such a person was not locked up, but instead free to move around. The kicker was that he was literally outside the law. No protection: nothing anyone might do to him was considered a crime. They didn’t last very long, and cost no one a penny. Well, somebody might spend a little on a cartridge…

  2. These are the people sanctuary cities end up protecting from ICE. How on God’s green earth can the politicians in these cities justify this to their voters and how on earth are they still getting elected to office?

  3. I always thought a sentence that long should only last as long as someone they know on the outside was willing to feed them.

  4. Challenge the local Engineering college to build a Ballista capable of tossing three hundred pounds a half a mile.
    Haul it down to the border
    Call this bastard’s relatives and give them the coordinates on where he will probably land, within a margin of error.
    If you want him to live build him a net.
    Use one tenth of his yearly upkeep and call a Mexican bookie down there and bet that money on him missing whatever net his relatives build.
    This will open up a new revenue stream for the Cartels:
    Gambling on the hits and misses.
    It will move the Cartels away from drugs and into the gambling trade by rigging the launches and intimidating Net Builders.
    Then Mexico will gladly pay for the wall.

  5. Now don’t anyone get to feeling like justice has been served here. This is Oregon, remember? He’s got a whole slew of liberal justices to appeal to and if they don’t spring him, he always has the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, in San Francisco.

  6. “Firing squad?”

    .380 to the base of the skull

    We’ve wasted enough money on this maggot.

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. Chain gang. He has a lot of debt to society to repay. 35 years of very hard labor would barely make a dent in that debt.

    WHY DO WE CODDLE REMORSELESS PRISONERS WITH YEARS OF FREE ROOM, BOARD AND MEDICAL CARE?? At the minimum, they need to support themselves. Then add on the damages they owe society for what they’ve done.


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