Oregon is a Fascist State .

Oregon resident, Mr. Reagan, explains.

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  1. This is worse than true! Oregon politics needs an earthshaking overhaul, or an awesome brimstone and fire judgment. Salem and Portland for starters!!

  2. Camera one……. and camera two……

    Back to camera one……. and camera two…..let it linger, camera two has a pan feature….

    Camera one….two, and then back to one….

    Does anybody else keep trying to wipe the mole off his face because it looks like a tiny bug on the screen?

  3. Got just past two minutes, couldn’t watch anymore and didn’t want to even listen at that point.



  4. Here’s a suggestion to anyone making a video expressing a political viewpoint, don’t start out with hyperbole and gross exaggeration. I seriously doubt any instructions were given to the state police re: using the threat of violence (at gunpoint) to bring in these scofflaws. In fact, I’ve read that beyond fines, there is absolutely nothing the state police can do to compel the GOP legislators to return.

    Brian Boquist sounds exactly like the type of legislator I would like representing me but TBH, I would have more respect for him if instead of running and hiding in some dark place somewhere, he alerted the press and made a statement similar to ,”This fascist governor stated that she was going to send the state police to compel me to come back, well, here I am, in plain sight not hiding from anyone, send them”.

  5. When the Oregon Governor orders the Oregon State Police to find and bring back absent legislators, forcibly, that means she has expressly implied that the OSP can use the guns that they are always armed with to do it AS THEY FEEL IT IS NECESSARY . So Gov. Kate Brown believes in armed-with -guns confrontations to govern the state of Oregon. This makes Oregon a police state being controlled with a Communist agenda and administration.

    Oregon governor orders police after Republican senators who fled Capitol
    Gillian Flaccus, The Associated Press A TV reporter interviews self-employed logger Bridger Hasbrouck, of Dallas, Ore., outside the Oregon State House in Salem, Ore., on Thursday, June 20, 2019, the day the Senate was scheduled to take up a bill that would create the nation’s second cap-and-trade program to curb carbon emissions.
    By SARAH ZIMMERMAN and GILLIAN FLACCUS | The Associated Press
    PUBISHED: June 20, 2019
    Brown had warned a day earlier that she was in “close communication with Oregon State Police” and “prepared to use all resources and tools available.”
    Oregon State Police can force any senators they track down in Oregon into a patrol car to return them to the Capitol.

    Retired Oregon Police Officer Comments on LaVoy Finicum’s Murder
    Posted on April 14, 2016 by Admin
    “There is zero doubt regarding the murder of LaVoy Finicum that OSP and FBI HRT, set this up, a kill box. Due diligence, I AM a retired Oregon Police Officer, from two counties away. While from a grand jury standpoint, this murder was never going to see the inside of a court room for criminal charges, that’s just how police shootings work, I DO NOT AGREE with the white washing of Justice.”

    “In reviewing the Deschutes County Reports, I’ve never read such garbage. Specifically, Officer #1 stating all OSP SWAT had been called to HQ in Salem Or, and briefed on the” anti United Nations” position of Grant County and many Malheur County citizens, that there existed an anti-United Nations authority sentiment.

    I’m appalled. Shouldn’t EVERY US citizen be anti UN, operating within the
    United States of America. This is simply astounding. To think that our State Police were actually called in and briefed on what their political positions should be.

    Shot three times in The Back while maybe reaching for a gun.

    Listen I’m unaware of ANY situation in which the police can set a road block in a poorly placed location, on a curve and leave I think the report said 360 feet of roadway to stop a vehicle traveling at 70 mph.

    And THEN shoot at the vehicle” because you were afraid for your life. Since when can the Police create a set of ” Expedient Circumstances ” and then use that created deadly situation to fire on a moving vehicle. Without consequences.”

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