Oregon Lawmakers Push $22B Income Tax For “FREE” Health Plan – IOTW Report

Oregon Lawmakers Push $22B Income Tax For “FREE” Health Plan

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

As the Lund Report notes“The task force released a draft report on Monday and is accepting comment until the end of the day on Sept. 19. The report is due to be submitted to the Legislature later this month. Under the plan, lawmakers would create a single generous statewide comprehensive health insurance plan that eliminates premiums, co-pays, office visit fees, deductibles and co-insurance, and is funded with federal revenue as well as $22 billion in new taxes.If the Legislature gives approval in 2023, the health insurance proposal would be put to a public referendum, said Oregon Sen. James Manning, D-Eugene, who is among the lawmakers spearheading the proposal.”

The State Government, which is the most wasteful, inefficient and dysfunctional health care entity in Oregon, now wants to take complete control over health care by banning private insurance and private employee health insurance policies and completely take it over.  more

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  1. That CRAPHOLE State called Oregon will have dug themselves so deep they’ll never get out. Then they’ll beg the Feds for a Forgiveness Loan to make them solvent for about a year, because they’ll figure out ways to blow it and stuff their Politicians pockets with it.

  2. “Mr Jenkins, I see you’re a rancher in east Oregon and a 35+ year member of the Republican Party. I’m afraid all our Oncology appointments are booked until March, but for a small donation to one of these preferred progressive causes, we can schedule your biopsy so you’ll at least know what you’re dying of.”


  3. What do they do then with the companies that offer health insurance to their employees? Large companies pay much more out of pocket than employees do when they self insure. Do these companies now just get to keep the money and still pay their employees the same? Is this how the state will get companies to cheer lead for the “free” health care?

  4. So, making slaves of the citizens to pay, in amounts they have no control, for procedures that they have no control over (say sec change of minors), to underwrite the ethics (bad behavior) of the medical community is somehow a good thing?

  5. Oregon is chasing away job creators and tax payers. This plan will suck in the unfortunate from all over the country. Watch homeless camps disappear all over the west and reappear in Oregon. Oh, one more prediction. That 22 billion will rapidly increase to 44 billion with no end in sight. Watch Oregon doctors relocate to other states. Didn’t Massachusetts already try this and give up?

  6. The population of Oregon is 4,318,492. 22 Billion would be $5094.37 in new taxes for every man, woman, and child in the state.

    Maybe that is cheaper than what is being paid out in health insurance now but it sure isn’t because people would be getting betting or more efficient coverage.

  7. “… proposal would be put to a public referendum …”

    And who counts the votes?

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  8. Are illegal-alien invaders allowed to vote in Oregano?
    Are non-taxpayers going to vote in a referendum on taxes?
    That ain’t right.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  9. I’m sure glad I left that commie state, no matter how beautiful it is…it’s commiecrats are driving people and industry out!

  10. After all the spendthrift spending that has been going on lately, I’d say the government is flush with too much money!! The Over-Taxed-Payer needs a break!!
    I think the healthcare industry has seen how unbelievably profitable things have been for Big Pharma that they was a piece of the action!

  11. The same state that got how many millions from the feds to create their own Obamacare portal, and in the end, failed to produce anything?

  12. @ efemdy
    SEPTEMBER 24, 2022 AT 2:42 PM,
    Which is exactly what happened with obolacare. Ask me how I know!

  13. Anytime something like this is offered “free”, it isn’t and there’s a heavy price to pay for it. It’s called ENSLAVEMENT to the privileged white supremacists liberal-left criminal-associated elites who trick others with their sly crap and a massive hostile takeover of every living American and world’s populations. “FREE” doesn’t mean what it used to and is actually their synonym for ‘entrapment’. To be aware is to be alive.

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