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Oregon Library Allows Children To Roll Around on the Floor With Drag Queens During Story Hour


The Drag Queen Story Hour, pushed by the American Library Association, that has invaded libraries across the United States is raising serious questions about child protection protocol. Photographs have surfaced showing a drag queen, Carla Rossi, rolling around on the floor in full-body contact with minor children at the Multnomah County Library (MCL) in Oregon. The event appears to have happened last October and photographs were recently found on the library’s Flickr account.

In order to be a volunteer in the Catholic Church in America, child safety training is mandatory. “In accordance with the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (2002, updated in 2018), all priests and deacons must complete a Background Check and Safe Environment training.  These must be renewed every three years.” That goes for volunteers too.

It includes basic safety precautions for the protection of children including a criminal background check, training to avoid hugs, offering “side-hugs” only, no lap-sitting, and to always have two adults with children at all times. Volunteers are further trained to look for signs of abuse and identify abusers before they can offend. No priest or volunteer in a Catholic Church would ever be rolling around on the floor with children lying on top of them in 2019. So, imagine my surprise to see these photos of a Drag Queen Story Hour at the MCL in Oregon circulating on Twitter showing a grown man, who was either contracted or volunteered to read stories to children, lying on the floor with the children sprawled out on top of him with full-body contact. The photographs were recently removed from the library’s Flickr account.

Now imagine that priests were reading stories to children in public buildings and were photographed rolling around on the floor with toddlers. Do you think there would be a great hue and outcry? I’m certain there would be, and deservedly so. But why is everyone completely silent about these men taking liberties with children all over the country?


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  1. I really can’t make up my mind who deserves to be curb stomped the most. The choices are, anybody but the kids. Lets start with the parents.

  2. I live in southern Oregon, far away from the self-destructive liberals that run this state.
    Admittedly, I would prefer to be much further away but the choices of residing in a non-liberal, mild climate seem almost elusive.
    I am certainly open to suggestions.

  3. I think I’m going to watch that gun restoration video again after I throw up. God help those children.

  4. S I C K

    I think the Gummint that governs least, governs best.

    But in THIS case? Where the devil is Child Protective Services when you need them?

  5. BTW= I read awhile back that the
    library Asso. INC. ETC. was hard core
    libtard prog demo commie.They got $ from
    our favorite turd Soreass.They got porno
    and if your kid sees the computer screen
    well too dam bad. I coined TDB back in the 70’s
    when I heard people whine…

  6. “But why is everyone completely silent about these men taking liberties with children all over the country?”

    Because its part of the silent push by Hollywood, lib Media and Democrats to make pedophilia legal in this country. Well that and sissify boys before they reach puberty.

  7. Holy God above…
    This is what grooming looks like, folks.

    Those parents are setting their kids up to be molested and mentally and emotionally abused for LIFE.
    All for the sake of being progressive.
    It makes me nauseous.

  8. Any truth to the rumor of free condom machines in the bathrooms?

    Gotta make that sodomy clean.

  9. The parents need a ass beating. Dry up the participants and the queers go away.

  10. Motherfuckers!

    In 25 years these kids will sue the shit out of the state for promoting state sponsored sexual abuse & sexual contact with a minor unable to consent due to their age.

    The biggest issue is the adult to child contact which looks VERY SEXUALIZED. PEDO MOTHERFUCKERS! Fucked up my whole day!

  11. It figures that this happened in Portlandia. I lived in Portland for one yr. in 1971-72 before I joined the Navy, it was nuts then but far worse now and I haven’t been to Portland since Dec. 1976 when my future wife and I went there to visit friends. And I ain’t ever going back there for any reason.

  12. – Mansfeild
    “Where the devil is Child Protective Services when you need them?”
    They approve, it’s Oregon, that’s where.

  13. The queers are the biggest threat to us, even worse, in the long run, than islamo terrorists or China.

    They undermine, in a very sneaky way, all things of value to us, with a lot of help from liberals, and, I hate to say, women. I do not understand why women are so enthralled with queers.

    Getting little kids to roll around on the floor with them is a sick and sneaky way to gain acceptance of kids who do not know any better.

    I’m not suggesting violence against them. God will be their judge, not me.

  14. Does that drag queen really think real women look like this? It seems very misogynistic to me.


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