Oregon Police Officer Can’t Wrap His Mind Around a Lamborghini From Dubai Being Street Legal in the United States

These rich Middle-Easterners regularly fly their expensive cars all around the world. It’s legal. (But it’s a growing problem in London– bad language at this link)

This Oregon police officer wasn’t buying it, until he called it in. Then he just wanted to get out of there.

I’m not so sure I want to pig-pile on this police officer. I’m sure this isn’t something that every officer knows about. It’s not like he had him out of the car and was roughing up the guy.

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  1. “Ignorance of the law is no excuse!” Remember that one?-as if every citizen memorizes the law library?

    Argumentative rude dirtbag should be fired for providing such terrible service. Have some standards for these people and you’ll get less of this abuse.

  2. I’ll pig-pile. That cop was an asshole.

    The foreign dude was getting everything the cop was asking for, but he was getting belligerent that it wasn’t in his hand at the snap of a finger.

    I’m just a country boy, not a ‘trained’ person that deals with automotive issues, and even I knew people did this.

  3. Bottom line is: These M-effers are laughing at us. “he doesn’t know the Federal Law. ha.haha.” Nobody knows The Fucking Federal Law here, It depends on who it’s being applied to. He didn’t give the officer, the Port of Entry, and he was driving to Canada in a car with Dubai plates. Don’t tell me our immigration laws aren’t fucked up. I don’t criticize the officer. That’s how legitimate terrorists get in. But if the officer cuffed the fucking wise ass, and towed his Lamborgini to the nearest pound, and made sure there were a couple of dents on it, he would surely have been brought up on charges. Years ago I used to drive through Switzerland, Luxemburg, Germany, Austria; then France, Spain, Italy, all over Europe. with American Forces Plates. At each border crossing I was stopped and had to produce I.D., Insurance card, travel permit and submit to a vehicle search. I never bitched and I never had a problem. That was before the European Union kicked in. Now one can drive all over Europe without a smidgen of identification. Wonderful, Europe is being invaded by all sorts of vermin.
    In America, once you got in legally, or were born here, you can drive from state to state without a problem once you have plates from some state. It’s a real free country. ( Unless you have NY Plates and you’re driving thru the Carolinas or Georgia)
    But driving thru America to Canada with Dubai plates and having a smart assed superior ,condecending attitude, I’da busted the prick.
    Fuck it. Enough is enough. Close the borders.

  4. If every policeman ruled with an iron fist musloids would get the hell out of here, fuck up some other country. Americans would be locked up if they tried this horse shit in foreign countries.

  5. I hope the video goes viral in all the shithole countries, and the muzzies get the idea they aren’t wanted here. OSP cops are dicks. Spread the word.

  6. My favorite OSP story is from 20 years ago. OSP cop gets fired after he was caught getting a blow job in his cruiser. The union got him his job back. OSP spokesman, in announcing the officer was back on-duty, stated that “at no time was public safety ever compromised; all officer X had to do was zip up and go”.

  7. Oregon law makers are going to vote an a bill limiting all mags to 5 rounders and limiting ammo purchases to 20 rounds a month. Should be interesting.

  8. To all cop supporters on this thread:

    The man was compliant and legally sound.

    However, I notice if the cop is abusive and rude to a race of people you dont like, all behavior is justified.

    Keep high standards for government employees at all times because it is your moral duty to be consistent. And besides that, when low standards are deemed acceptable, they will use it on you as well no matter how compliant you are. Psychopaths dont care if you are also white, they care about themselves and power.

    The cop should be fired. How would you feel if one of those muslim cops in Minnesota (Somalia West), drove up and gave you the business because they are now in control of you infidels?

    Too late to cry about police abuse after you supported it all these decades…

  9. Hell BFH, every good story has at least 3 or 4 points of view. You would be hard pressed to limit it to 2. Plus there are some of us that might have a different take on a story just for the sake of stirring things up. I don’t know who in particular would do that, but I can picture it happening.

  10. I think the cop was confused, but respectful.

    I am just very very damn sick of Muslim privilege: it is hairy and ugly; it is abusive of women; it is money-arrogant; it is unproductive; it is groupthink-compliant. (It slices off vulva parts….. yuck!)

    There are more than sixty Muslim-dominant countries in the world. Please and thank you: just don’t come into mine and complain about lack of foot baths and not enough time off during the work day to stick your ass in the air.

    ….Lady in Red

  11. It is not a case of “ruling with an Iron Fist,” it’s a case of enforcing the law. Should a wise ass. OK, drop that. Should a person be allowed to drive a car with Dubai plates through the USA from state to state, to Canada, without being questioned?

    What’s the Law? Does every M-effer with Dubai Plates have Diplomatic Immunity?

    We are fucking losing it Man. As the idiot,Joe Biden would say

    And that’s a big fucking deal!

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  13. Lady in Red. Of course he was confused! We are all fucking confused. Whoever is not confused today is a fucking idiot. FBI, DOJ, TSA, Sanctuary Cities, Sanctuary States. To mention but a few. I won’t get into the transgender shit.

  14. I’ll say Frank Ponchelerro is full of shit. But then again I don’t know what the fuck he’s talking about. He got 4 TU so someone must understand him?

  15. You are risking your life to cross the road in front of Harrod’s Department Store in London because of the Muslims driving their super cars 100+ MPH down the street. I got away from there as soon as possible.

  16. @ Moe Tom,

    The video is clear. The driver tried to explain, and the cop was argumentative and demanding.

    I think most people understand and interpret body language, tone, volume, facial expressions, sarcasm, frustration, and other forms of communication quite well as experienced adults.

    I’m not sure how that makes me “full of shit.”

    Regardless of the distracting excuses, the guy was just being a plain ‘ol abusive jerk.

  17. EFF off to ANYONE that does not have to pull over the ‘average’ driver, ‘importing’ their effing car, a road trip, like me your dad, FOR A LIVING this officer. Did the officer have attitude yeah. Are there jerks on the road YEAH
    What you saw was an entitled Arab being, an entitled driver he thinks he is in his home country.

  18. ghost of brig gen j glover

    I get your point and agree with you, to a point. How’s this officer going to react when he pulls me over and I disclose I have a carry permit and I’m armed? Probably not well.

  19. @ Moe Tom – forgot to post I agree.

    @ Bad_Brad – c’mon really? We are talking about different situations. Is your open weapon on the open dashboard in a holster? The officer could see that and be put ‘off guard’

  20. ghost of brig gen j glover

    My guns always concealed. On my right hip. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big supporter of GOOD LEO. But quite honestly they are getting harder to find.

  21. @ Frank – hello MS. Cortez. Are you running for office?
    ‘The ‘cop’ should be fired’? YOU ARE AN EFFING TROLL. Take a long walk on a short pier you jerk.
    Perhaps I would listen IF I knew your actual credentials.

  22. ghost of brig gen j glover

    I’m thinking you’re LE. If I get pulled over I hope it’s by an LE gun guy. And that’s part of the problem. I think we’re on the same team and I have a lot of good friends I shoot with that are LE and retired LE. They sweat getting pulled over by the, wait for it, CALIFORNIA CHP. Me too. Thru mandated quotas they’re an agency that even hates carrying guns. But I digress. What do guys like you and I do about bad LE, like the clown in this video? I’m a gun guy. If you carry a badge you should be too.

  23. @ Bad_Brad – @1:10 in the vid the ‘perp’ said this is ‘going all over youtube’. Smells like a set up to me.

    No I am not LE, just an ordinary guy that has not gotten pulled over in quite some time for the RIGHT reasons.

    What was that guy puled over for anyways?

  24. ghost of brig gen j glover

    That video wasn’t a set up. He was sued by the individual that had the gun on him. The “Victim” lost in court. But the asshole cop was forced to retire early before the trial was even over. I don’t think we are achieving any common ground here.

    “what was the guy pulled over for”

    You didn’t watch the video.

  25. @ Bad_Brad – In that situation? Mentioning youtube is the LAST thing I would mention!

    Please do not get me wrong, his weapon, unless he had forewarning about the scene, should NOT have been drawn.

    So he was in his own driveway?

  26. ghost of brig gen j glover

    He was in front of his house hitching a boat. I’m not sure where you live. However I can’t imagine it’s much different then California where I live. And if it is, it won’t be much longer. Good cops are getting hard to find. I’m blessed to live in a very conservative county that hires mainly ex military for deputies. My counties an exception to the rule. Nation wide.

  27. 🚨 🚨 🚨 Police Officer needs to be re-trained 🚨 🚨 🚨

    When anyone deals directly with the public, whether it’s customer service or representing the community in uniform, they just can’t treat people like this.

    The dude took his steering wheel off, said “yes sir” 4x, tried to explain, and gave him all his documents, kept his hands visible. It’s LEGAL, what else is he supposed to do?

    :20 I’m from Dubai,
    UH, YOU’RE NOT IN DUBAI…(He said “from” not “in” Dubai)

    :25 I’m visiting as a tourist.
    UH NO YOU’RE NOT VISITING AS A TOURIST, IF YOU BROUGHT A CAR WITH YOU. (actually, he is, and rich people do it all the time)

    :37 -I have a permit…
    YOU DON’T HAVE A PERMIT! (turns out he did)

    :41-I know you’re confused…

    1:40-I know it’s confusing…
    NO! IT’S NOT CONFUSING, IT’S VERY SIMPLE…. (acting defensive)

    1:56 -You’ll understand in a second…

    3:03 -Why are you being so defensive.
    I’M NOT, BUT YOU KEEP TALKING ABOUT OTHER STUFF! (he’s trying to explain to your dumbass the procedure but you keep interrupting and talking over him)

    Sir, if you read the bottom, there is a policy number…
    WHERE ARE YOU TAKING THIS CAR!? (that’s none of your business)
    I’m going to Canada, Vancouver..
    WHERE DID YOU IMPORT THE CAR INTO? (question is irrelevant)
    From Canada, I do a road trip every two years?
    YOU DO A WHAT-TRIP? (acting difficult and stupid, everyone knows what a road trip is)

    4:35-Imagine you go to Europe, you ship your car there, you drive it, and bring it back.
    NO, THAT’S NOT WHAT I DO! (It’s hypothetical to explain the situation, not to be interpreted as literally an example of what the officer does during vacation)

    🚨 My lord this guy is an obnoxious sack of shit. Pull him off the road and retrain him. How many years has this been policy equals that many years the police are behind the times.

    🚨 Is the U.S. government going to issue temporary international license plates, collect more money, train the police so that there isn’t any confusion, the public is safe so they can identify hit-and-run drivers or criminals and so forth?



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