Oregon Slow to Wake Up to Cartels Exploiting Legal Pot Farming – IOTW Report

Oregon Slow to Wake Up to Cartels Exploiting Legal Pot Farming


Theft of water during a drought. Exploitation of immigrant laborers. Intimidation of residents by armed criminals.

A Democratic state senator from southern Oregon said his region, awash in illegal marijuana farms that are protected by gunmen, is starting to look more like a failed state.

After hearing him and others testify this week, the Oregon Legislature dedicated $25 million to help police, sheriff’s offices and community organizations pay for the ballooning costs of cracking down on the thousands of industrial-scale, illegal pot farms. Residents said the assistance is welcome but not enough. More

16 Comments on Oregon Slow to Wake Up to Cartels Exploiting Legal Pot Farming

  1. It’s what the voters wanted. Just like voters at the federal level, most likely.

  2. Serving suggestion: Low bidder could clean that up with 5 gallons of kerosene and a match.

  3. From Mexico to a pot town near you, fock the border, we’re movin in.

  4. Did you really think the cartels and gangs were going to give up the lucrative (once) illegal pot trade?

  5. When you embrace the suck, the suck embraces you.
    Only an idiot would expect something good to come of evil.
    Plant wheat, harvest wheat. Plant corn, harvest corn.
    The gov’t is attempting to profit from addiction.
    If they were sincere (ha ha ha) they’d just legalize it and be done with it – that they haven’t should prove to even the dimmest among us that they’re playing a different game.

    Oh, well, as that other thread mentioned, over half of us are complete dullards.
    (I think it’s more like 80%)

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  6. I am literally in the thick of it.
    Living on a dead-end dirt road where the traffic volume is often surreal.
    The different vehicles defy any semblance of regularity.
    There isn’t a single vehicle that doesn’t have completely blacked out windows.
    I pack iron regardless of what I’m doing, including mowing the lawn.
    The liberal fucks in this state want this bullshit because of the taxes, (and anything that is detrimental to us plebs).
    But, of course, they don’t have to live with the peripheral fallout of the low life that steal, litter, beg or otherwise allow their gypsy type habits to ooze unimpeded on the public.

    Fuck Liberals….through and through

  7. I suspect that most of the people in DC, politicians & bureaucrats both, are on the cartel’s payroll.

  8. We just sold our house in Oregon and are searching for someplace to land. The legalization of pot, and now the decriminalization of other drugs, has accelerated the downhill slide of Oregon exponentially. It has now become a caricature of California. The place smells of marijuana from May through November, homeless addicts litter the landscape, cops are lazy and do nothing to stop the insanity. So after 50 years here, I give up. The good guys here are out-numbered. What was once the most beautiful state has become a liberal shithole.

  9. Uncle Al ʘ FU46i December 20, 2021 at 5:23 pm

    The cartels have the best armed & trained militias in Mexico

  10. If anyone asks why the left and many supposedly on the right seem to want to destroy America, it’s because they want to destroy America.

  11. Just a reminder: The Oregon Army Guard Aviation unit in Salem used to have a three tailed airplane capable of finding marijuana farms. Oregon’s liberals made the Army Guard’s searches illegal. Suck on that liberals.

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