Oregon State GOP Walk Out Of Capitol Building In Protest Of Climate Bill

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UPDATED 6:54 AM PT — Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Republican state legislators in Oregon recently walked out of the state’s capitol building in protest of a Democrat-backed climate bill.  On Monday, all except for one Oregon state GOP senator participated in the walkout to protest a bill that would place strict restrictions on greenhouse gas emissions.

This followed similar actions taken by State Republicans to stop a similar bill last year, which led to a days-long delay in Oregon’s legislative session. read more

9 Comments on Oregon State GOP Walk Out Of Capitol Building In Protest Of Climate Bill

  1. Supporters of climate bills generally expect other people to pay the cost of them while they themselves somehow remaining exempt from the cost.

    And they never seem to understand their deteriorating lifestyle as their own fault when the inevitable comes about.

    Same with most other Leftist causes and programs, they never see themselves as the ones that will have to pay for them.

  2. Yeah, Kate; we’re outraged alright, by the likes of you.

    I’m glad they posted a nice photo of Kate the rug muncher, so the rest of you could see what we have to deal with here in Oregon.

  3. Why is that not up for a public vote? Let the people deciede how they want to spend their money. Include fairy farts as an on going cost.

  4. Yesterday, when the wife went to walk the dogs, it was three below. Half an hour later when she got back, it was eighteen above. When are these clueless politicians going to forget about greenhouse gases, and address the very real threat to the planet caused by thoughtless people walking their dogs?

  5. I like to keep it respectable and at first I thought ecp and Tony R were a bit over-reactive.
    But then I looked at the picture. What a punch able HoBag.


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