Oregon: Store clerk reportedly lost his job after pulling a gun on a hatchet wielding burglar

DC: A man dressed in a black hooded jacket and wearing a ski mask reportedly attempted to rob the Oak Grove Plaid Pantry convenience store around 1 a.m. on April 28, allegedly using a hatchet to threaten the on-duty clerk, KOIN 6 News reports.

Surveillance video released by the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office shows the clerk pull out a gun and pointing it at the suspect in self-defense, then calling 911. The video then shows the suspect give over his hatchet to the clerk, sliding it across the counter, then getting on his knees briefly with his hands in the air before fleeing the store abruptly.

The president of Plaid Pantry said that the clerk  has been fired from the company on account of his actions, which were in direct conflict with the company’s zero tolerance weapons policy, according to KOIN 6 News. He told KOIN 6 that employees are trained to deescalate violent confrontations, instead of using defensive weapons.  more here

18 Comments on Oregon: Store clerk reportedly lost his job after pulling a gun on a hatchet wielding burglar

  1. If the clerk knew they had an anti gun policy he should have just offered the robber all the money and even help him carry it if needed.

  2. Sounds to me like the clerk ‘deescalated’ the confrontation in short order….where’s the problem?

  3. If the Plaid Pantry suits want to live their own lives in a dream world, that’s OK by me.
    But imposing their delusions on their employees is just plain sick and wrong.

  4. It was very difficult for the clerk to explain company policy to someone with an axe, “Management” should be required to staff locations on Friday and Saturday overnight shifts.

  5. He’d be a great police recruit: he has guts, and held his cool (he could have righteously shot the crook).

  6. 7-11 still has this policy.

    Give them them money. It’s not yours to defend.

    That’s also why they are supposed to only have a certain amount of cash in the tiller. They use TiDel machines to store excess cash on hand, and able to retrieve 1 unit per so much time if they needed change amount larger than $30. Never going to break a hundred for the sake of it, but you could pay for $80 worth of merch with it.

    Give them what they want or go get another job.

    Plenty of clerks I knew carried even before we had CC in Texas. Just wouldn’t let management know. Knew they were looking for another job if they had to use it, but that’s ok.

    We had college kids come in after hours and walk out with cases of beer.

  7. Where is this again? Looks like a good place to rob. Is it anywhere near the Ukraine? I’ll bring my shotgun and my son.

  8. The good news is that the Clerk is still alive.
    And more good news right is around the corner by working for a better company!

  9. I think every Plaid Pantry store needs to have a great big sign in front that says “This is a gun-free store”, and a copy of the policy that says “our employees are forbidden to fight back or carry weapons”. Let’s see how that works out.

  10. 1AM and clerking alone in a “gun free” C store. He’d be in a safer job and making more money if he had changed places with the perp.

  11. So just what happens when after he gets Plaid Pantry’s money the meth head wants to watch you bleed out?
    Sure, go with company policy sucker. But hey they will have a big flower arrangement for you at your burial. After all you followed all the rules.
    Some laws don’t work in the real world.

  12. Faggots don’t value your life, so you shouldn’t work for them. Any business that won’t allow you to defend yourself doesn’t give a shit if you die or not.

  13. Sounds to me like the clerk did deescalate the situation. No robbery occurred, the clears himself was not injured, the wannabe robber was not harmed or shot dead, the sob ran off, probaly looking for clean underwear.


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