O’Reilly speaks out on exit from Fox News


In one of his first interviews since his abrupt departure from Fox News in April, former top anchor Bill O’Reilly reminded the Associated Press, “Allegations are not facts.”

“Nobody’s searching for the truth anymore,” O’Reilly stated in the recent telephone interview, and referenced the events surrounding his departure from Fox as a “ridiculous turmoil.”

Fox fired O’Reilly in April over sexual harassment charges, which he has denied.  O’Reilly was the most popular news anchor on Fox for years, but when the news broke that Fox and O’Reilly together had paid out a total of $13 million in settlements to five women who had filed sexual harrassment charges against him over the years, advertisers started jumping ship, and he was condemned in headlines across the country.

One outlet has not forsake him, however, and that is Henry Holt and Co., the American book publishing company in New York.

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14 Comments on O’Reilly speaks out on exit from Fox News

  1. Is BoRe implying he was slandered? Vindicate yourself, or else shut up.

    We’re already bored while Bill Cosby pollutes time by dragging out his case. (until he outlives all witnesses?)

  2. Even without the facts surrounding the $13 million in settlements with 5 women, he handed his enemy the sword. If he was innocent than he should have fought the allegations.

  3. People who think he shouldn’t have settled don’t understand the justice system at all. There is no justice for people accused of these types of things. They are almost always settled because going to trial takes years and tons of money and your reputation is much more likely to be ruined anyway.

  4. I didn’t watch BOR, never could overcome his sonorous self-promoting blovuating, and his ghostwritten books are the worst sort of horrible illiterate crap, mangling American history in every paragraph.

    But I don’t like him being a Prize Scalp for the Left.

    Mamomma is correct. No one wins these high profile no-evidence accusation/defamation cases. They are legalized blackmail, nothing more. I totally get why even the innocent would settle rather than suffer the staggering expense and the unpredictable damage to public reputation.

    FOX (the Leftist Murdock heirs) wanted him gone and this was their excuse. Ditto Ailes. They wanted them not just gone, but gone in maximum disgrace and damaged reputations.

  5. The breathless headline a few days ago was about Samantha Powers (now on CNN) horrible sexual harassment at the hands of BOR. What was the dastardly deed? He made a comment about her and the other women on his show being blonde, and not being to keep them all straight. That was it. Oh the horror. I am no BOR fan, but this is just bullshit.

  6. Hey ‘I’m just a simple predator’ Bill O’Really. Were they simply ‘allegations’ you would be suing FOX for unlawful termination and you aren’t, so ………………

  7. I don’t buy that the Justice system won’t allow a wealthy and famous person to vindicate himself. All he has to do is what Bubba did, get in front of a camera and swear that they are lying. But he either can’t or won’t for some other reason, such as, he’s at least guilty in part, or has done something else that he doesn’t want brought to light.

    Makes VP Pence look that much smarter, honorable and admirable for how he conducts himself ! (and choosing him is another feather in my President’s cap)

  8. And even now oReilly isn’t speaking out to save his reputation or speak the truth, he just wants his golden goose back.

  9. OHHHHH! THAT Bill, from Faux News.

    He’s up there with Bill Cosby now.

    How you like it billy boy?

    Ho, wait a minute, and then there was bill klinton?

    That’s a trend now.

  10. We miss Bill O’Reilly very much. He is an honest and insightful commentary. We would love to see him on tv again. Fox news made a big mistake.

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