O’Rourke keeps standing on restaurant counters with his filthy shoes

So unsanitary.


DC: Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke has fascinated the public with his love of standing on restaurant counters, but little attention has been paid to the unsung heroes of O’Rourke’s campaign — the baristas and bartenders forced to wipe down the counters after the former congressman’s departure.  more





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  1. As if standing on the counters weren’t bad enough he has his pants pockets filled with baby avocado’s.

  2. Most cockroaches I know do the same thing, over tables, chairs, food, etc. and occasionally your bed and blankets.

    Do a cruise in a 30 year old destroyer and you’ll learn to keep’em as pets!

  3. Will he be accepting the nomination by standing on a countertop at a restaurant with two Greek columns?

  4. @BluesJunky, dirt eaters are not uncommon in the southern states.
    Usually a piece of white clay they nibble on.
    It’s kaolin, still used in medicines.
    This in no way endorses that no skateboarding, bar surfing, spastic Big Bird.


  5. Ya’ mean progs are filthy and disgusting – who’da ever thunk it?

    Actually I have often wondered if they are just naturally filthy and disgusting or if they are trying to ape Marx and others they idolize.

  6. Moonbats are filthy creatures. My moonbat relative used cloth diapers for her children because gaia. She didn’t understand why the poop stains weren’t coming out in the wash. I asked her how much bleach she was using. “Bleach? I’m supposed to use bleach?” Yuck! Not only are the diapers not sanitized but I’m sure all her other clothes that were subsequently washed in her washer were cross contaminated with e coli. Filthy creatures.

  7. Holding forth from a tabletop is traditionally the purview of strippers and leftist demagogues. And teachersA t my kids’ old middle school, they actually told teachers to stand on the tables and lecture as a means of getting students to pay attention. It must be a gimmick peddled by public-speaking seminar hucksters. Funny, I don’t remember being taught that at Dale Carnegie. Beto must think we are all 13 year-olds.

  8. Narcissistic prick. It’s relatively common knowledge that if you want people to listen to you, elevate yourself when you speak–stand when everyone else is sitting, stand on a table or chair to elevate yourself above everyone else in the room. Francis does it not so he can be listened to (because he really has nothing to say), but because he’s a prick.

  9. Rumor going around- biden has been holding off announcing his candidacy until they can find a table that stacey can stand on.

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