O’Rourke makes a fool of himself and the Houston Chronicle accidentally reveals it

American Thinker:

Beto O’Rourke, the smug, smarmy, toilet-mouthed, bad driving, mass murder fantasizing, computer hacker leftist rich kid–turned–presidential candidate with about 1% in public support, has a new fan: the Houston Chronicle’s left-leaning editorial page.

“Beto, come home. Texas needs you,” the headline pleads, urging the Democratic cad and bounder to drop his failing presidential campaign and run for Senate against Sen. John Cornyn.

We need you, Beto, because Texas badly needs that other view of the world, those differing opinions. You’ve brought us closer to having real, competing parties than any other candidate has, and than any candidate on our radar could.

Would you beat John Cornyn, who is seeking his fourth term? It wouldn’t be easy. You’d have to fight for it, and do better than you did against Cruz. But a lot has changed since 2018 — you had a lot to do with that — and Trump is no longer rock-solid in Texas. Neither are the Republicans who support him.

Imagine the effect you could have on our state. Ideas get sharper when they’re challenged, when points of view clash. We think Texas will get smarter, and its politics more sophisticated, if campaigns here were a true test of ideas, not one-sided races set to autopilot.

Texas will get “smarter” with a guy like that instead of Cornyn?

They cite this statement as an example of Beto’s smarts:

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  1. Some pissed all over the floor in the men’s room at city hall. Come home beto, we need you. To mop it up.

  2. However unfortunately, that “other view of the world” is looking over the rim of a toilet called El Paso (or “El Pisshole”, as it’s widely known)

  3. Well now we know the real reason the Betoid was in this contest. $80 million in unspent political contributions. With that he can buy himself a cabinet post, ambassadorial posting or make a real run on Cornyn forcing the GOP to spend money they could use elsewhere. The little doucebag had no intention of making an actual run. Now he’s just trying to figure out the timing of his withdrawal that will maximize donations but at the same time not risk his supporters figuring out he just fucked them over.

  4. beta is still a cuck and if el paso elects him, they get what they deserve…….
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  5. The Houston Chronically Ill used to be a halfway decent newspaper but now it’s becoming just another Lefty rag.

  6. The Houston Chronicle’s been a lefty rag for years.
    They endorsed O’Blowme as soon as Oprah said “he’s the one”

  7. Who is to say Beto doesn’t have internal polling that shows he wouldn’t beat Cornyn. Cruz did almost nothing while Beto spent a year campaigning. Beto was a blank slate cool guy. After the last 6 months he has exposed us to who he is here in Texas. Texans are going to be voting for Trump, Cornyn will benefit while Beto will have a lot of free time to babysit his kids, blog, skate, waive his hands and make tacos on YouTube.

  8. Beta O’Asshole couldn’t beat a wet paper bag, waiting for someone to knock him off the next table he stands on so he lands on his over-stuffed head. (by accident of course)

  9. Beano, Beano, Beano … just DO it!
    Quit the race.
    Go home.
    Make Texas smarter!

    You can do this!
    You could raise the IQ … of what? A toilet? Maybe?
    One – one trillionth of a point?

    Listen to them, Beano. Go home and run for something else.

    izlamo delenda est …


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