‘Otto Warmbier, will not have died in vain’

FOX: President Trump said Tuesday after his historic summit with North Korea dictator Kim Jong Un that the meeting between the two leaders may not have happened if not for the death of Otto Warmbier.

Warmbier, 22, was a student at the University of Virginia when he was arrested in North Korea in January 2016 for allegedly stealing a propaganda poster. He was sentenced to 15 years in prison and fell into a coma while incarcerated. He was brought back to the U.S. in June 2017 only to die a few days later.

“Otto did not die in vain,” Trump said as he discussed North Korea’s human rights record.

[…] Trump said during the news conference that the remains of Americans who died during the Korean War will also be brought home. He said it was a last minute deal and expected more than 6,000 Americans’ remains to be brought back to the U.S.

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