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  1. I won’t even click through to a WaPo post as it is, 99% of the time. There is rarely anything compelling enough to get me to do that. Rubin is at the bottom of that list.

    Now they’ll be able to measure the devotion of the never-Trumpers. Bet they won’t say how popular the malcontent is. It would be embarrassing.

  2. What’s amazing, she claims to be a conservative.
    Oh please lady, you’re too damn ugly to be a conservative woman, I’m not even sure about the woman part anymore.

  3. “Turning point”

    “Walls are closing in”

    “Beginning of the end”

    “Spiraling into chaos”

    “Running scared”

    Okay, it’s in rotation now. Did I forget any others?

  4. When my buddies tell you Trump is “running scared”, they’re really talking about one of their buddies. But you people know that by now, don’t you?

  5. OK.
    I give up.

    No, I’m not gonna look her up – there’s enough here to tell me what I don’t want to know.

    izlamo delenda est …


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