“Our clichéd, spineless response to Manchester is the terrorists’ biggest victory”

Mercator Net:

I don’t think I can take any more of this. The media and establishment reaction to the barbaric attack on men, women and children in Manchester on Monday night has been as dire as it has been predictable.

The worst bit was the poem. I had to turn off Today when that came on: talk about the tyranny of clichés. The very worst cliché is beyond doubt that any suggested solution must be rejected because ‘that would be a victory for the terrorists.’ The coverage has generated a veritable cottage industry in criminology. So many columnists and bloggers have turned criminologist. They all seem to know what the monster Salman Abedi intended.

‘He sought to divide us; he sought to destroy our democracy, he wants us to hate each other.’

Listen, sometimes the most obvious answer is the right one. What Abedi wanted when he prepared and detonated his suicide bomb with nails and shrapnel in a crowded arena as people left a concert was to kill as many adults and children as possible, maim as many adults and children as possible, and destroy as many lives as possible.

He wanted to destroy the lives of the injured and bereaved left behind. That is it. It’s that simple. And in that he succeeded. You may not like it, but it’s true. So don’t tell me Theresa ‘I live in a 24/7 armed protection bubble’ May that the terrorists will never win, because on Monday night they did win. If the authorities are left with only using DNA to identify some of the victims of this atrocity, I’d say that was a victory? Wouldn’t you?  Continued

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  1. All over the drive-by news today: He was a “lone wolf”. Bullshit. If he was a muslim, he was part of the world’s largest terrorist organization: Islam.

  2. Pablum. It’s what’s for dinner.
    She ain’t no Winston Churchill.

    I am so fooking sick of this pantywaist, cowardly approach to an obvious problem. There are no moderate muzzies.

    The solution was quite well known in the centuries that preceded us. Every man, woman, child. And livestock. Then burn down the abodes and salt the earth.

  3. Prince Vlad the Impaler had a solution.

    Prince Vlad also understood military psychology. And the effect on Muslim invaders of coming over a hilltop and beholding tens of thousands of the impaled crow-pecked corpses of their comrades who preceded them.

    Romania today is not Muslim.

  4. The true terror for Manchester will come with the upcoming pity concert given by the coward, Ariana Grande (hoping to salvage her career after running back to the US without thought for the victims), in company with Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Coldplay and a host of equally pathetic grandstanders, hoping to make some mileage off the suffering of others.

  5. You don’t take a knife to a gunfight, you don’t show mercy to barbarians.
    Ever read about the mentality of the Barbary Pirates?
    Add 200 more years of inbreeding, slavery and murder, you’ll know where we are today.
    Appeasement never works, ask Neville Chamberlin or the few who are left in England that remember and lived through WWII.

  6. To the shores of Tripoli. This isn’t a new fight.
    Expunge, eradicate, decimate. Ok, decimate isn’t right as it means to reduce by one tenth. But modern understanding of the term means to annihilate.

    Pattycake days are over.

    Imagine that a religion killed 3000 innocents in one day in your country and then put your politicians in such a defensive position to declare that it wasn’t you, it’s us, demanding and receiving acquiesce to build massive houses of worship in the land that your adherents just attacked for no apparent reason.

    You don’t have to imagine it. It’s happening right now.

    Political cowardice on display.

  7. The PM appears to have some difficulty with her visual acuity, has she descended from Neville Chamberlin? Or does she naturally have no spine? She does lead in groveling before the enemy!

  8. I hereby declare I don’t want to see anymore pics of Obama or Hillary for the rest of my life under the threat of death. Amen.

    Jesus Christ…

  9. We’ve got a ethnic Romanian in the office. I can see
    that phucker running around impaling muzzies. Trust me.

  10. What the (D)irtbags of the world want is for people to cower and give in to their every demand, our own (D)irtbag “elites” want people to cower and beg for their help.

    It is part of the psychopathology of bad people – will the wife beater quit beating his wife when she meets all his demands? Will gays and blacks act magnanimously when empowered by a mullato corksocker president? Hell no, IT CAN NEVER BE ENOUGH, to make worthless people feel good about themselves.

    Appeasement is the cowards way – pretend the problem doesn’t exist by getting on their knees and giving the (D)irtbags what they want, it’s just easier.

    Problem is, it’s YOUR DAUGHTERS ass that the (D)irtbag politicians are offering up to save themselves the troubles of fighting back.

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