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Our Elite Schools Are Producing Nothing But “Excellent Sheep”

William Deresiewicz writing on the Bari Weiss Substack

I taught English at Yale University for ten years. I had some vivid, idiosyncratic students—people who went on to write novels, devote themselves to their church, or just wander the world for a few years. But mostly I taught what one of them herself called “excellent sheep.”

These students were excellent, technically speaking. They were smart, focused, and ferociously hard-working.

But they were also sheep: stunted in their sense of purpose, waiting meekly for direction, frequently anxious and lost. More

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  1. Tonight I went to my grandson’s High School for a ribbon cutting ceremony for a new facility there. He demonstrated a laser etching tool and a CNC machine. It was pretty impressive, not just him but kids with the same interests. He thinks he wants to be an electrical engineer, I’d like to see him get into a machine shop environment. Universities just turn out liberal sheep.

  2. “Excellent” sheep? From personal experience, I’d call a lot of them “arrogant asshole” sheep.

    To the exceptions, I say, “Staying sane must have been difficult. Well done!”

  3. ^ As in sheep that can’t read, can’t do math, have no skills nor much common sense. And many don’t even graduate to “sheep” because they fail to graduate. They’re flunkies.

  4. Even excellent sheep are still sheep. And remember, excellency in sheep is generally determined from the plate with a fork.

  5. The last line could be an entire speech to incoming college freshmen and to graduating classes. “Dare to grow up”.

    On the comments about blue collar kids and those nice new machines in trade classes, our school budget is going up 8% and not one red cent for voc tech.

  6. @Brad May 25, 2022 at 11:55 pm

    > The future belongs to the Blue Collar kids.

    The future could only be theirs. They are the only ones that produce anything that lasts longer than their twitching.

    But they can only own it, if they refuse to give it to a twitching pædo with a Party title.

    And on that… The future’s so dark, they won’t even have shades.

  7. fnuck

    The future belongs to those who grab it by the throat and own it. That won’t be the ProNoun crowd,

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