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Acosta and I’ll Cost Ya.

Look at this loon, beaming, thrilled to be with someone who’s been with royalty.

It’s like the homosexual Peter Allen marrying Liza Minelli because her mother was the gay’s queen.


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  1. Now if being a deviant homosexual is so common and nothing to be ashamed of, like deviant homos Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper, why dosnt Acosta come out of the closet he is hiding in and just admit he is a homosexual? There is only reason I can think of and thats because he is a homo that rapes little boys and he wants to keep that secret a little while longer.

  2. She sure field like nothing will happen to her going to party like the bitch will go to jail and little sissy Jim Acosta will not save the Muslim.

  3. This should cost you Costa. To the rear of the Press Room.
    Then out the phucken door with you. And don’t let it hit you in the arse.

  4. The truly sad thing is I didn’t see anything wrong with this picture. Just to progressive liberal friends posing for a selfie. Then it finally dawned on me!

    The press needs a Reformation movement, thank heaven for the new media on the Internet.

  5. I never liked ANY members of the media trying to literally get red-carpet treatment and going to galas and parties, guests on talk shows etc.

    They lose their objectivity and become PART of the news, not separate and objective from it.

    That’s why about the only person that clears that hurdle is 🔥 Sharon Atkinson. 🔥 I never said she didn’t do those things, but when it comes to work, she seems to really work, and I loved her segment on Hillary taking sniper fire in Bosnia which Atkinson narrated and debunked.

  6. He instagrammed himself drinking a tropical drink like a college girl and he also instagrammed himself drinking out of a sippy cup. He’s GAY.


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