Our friend Earl Of Taint is under the weather – IOTW Report

Our friend Earl Of Taint is under the weather

Oops I Had A Stroke-
Please say a prayer for our friend and wish him well.

Earl’s sense of humor hasn’t been damaged.

[Thank you Diogenes for the heads up]

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  1. Dear Lord, we come before you today on behalf of our brother, who’s strong right arm we have come to know and appreciate has been stricken by one of the weaknesses that human flesh is heir to. We thank and praise you that he is not affected cognitively, but we ask upon the name of Your Son Jesus, as you tell us to, that he may have full and complete healing. Restore his ability to use his right arm that he may again wield a pen in the service of those who would save a Republic, and in the service of those that would remain free to worship You as You command. We are not worthy but for Your grace and Your son, but on that we ask Your mercy that You pour out Your blessings on our brother, so he may share his talents with us for a little while longer, and strengthen us to the fight You have put before us in ways that only the talent You gave him can serve.

    And we ask it all in the precious name of Jesus,


    God Bless,

  2. Get well soon! Maybe that nice Jamaican lady that is taking care of Joe Biden could stop by and…..never mind. That’s not a good idea.

  3. Earl’s renditions are so funny – I get a great laugh from seeing them. He nails the libs with a heck of a sense of humor.

    Get well soon EoT.

  4. God bless and get well dammit! :>)

    The ‘front’ needs you.

    Who does not LOVE a get well iOTWr card?

    PROUD to sign.

  5. You’re the best, Earl. I pray God returns your strength and gets you back in the fight, where you belong. Love ya, brother…

  6. Get well now. The sooner the better. Look into non-invasive BEMER treatments. I think BEMER is alien technology. It worked for my 2-year sprained ankle. And it worked for my boyfriend who also had a stroke. He has a slight speech impediment now (just for some words) but otherwise he’s back to normal.

  7. Earl of Taint, I am writing your name in our book for special prayers, and offer my holy mass on Sunday, for your recovery.


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