Our Towns, Their Towns

Here’s a nice example of correlation. The author of this piece looked at the most violent and least violent cities in the U.S.
He then counted how many days that urban center had been governed by a single party.

If you guessed that there is the appearance of a relation between cities long governed by democrats and violence, you’d be right. More

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  1. Those cities share another glaring similarity besides being controlled by democrats. Any guesses as to what that might be?

  2. The progressives are grooming us for exactly what they want for America; a third world environment. Any doubt? Look to Venezuela.

  3. It’s probably not accurate to blame a location{city} but put the blame on the particular population that is responsible for the vast majority of the murders.
    How can you correct the problem? make them vote republican?

  4. It would be an even better example of correlation had the piece included debt these murderous democrat cities have racked up as well as tax rates.

    There’s a link to an article “Chicago Isn’t Even Close to Being the Gun Violence Capital of the United States,” which highlights Chicongo’s per capita suggesting the murder rate per 100k is low. The problem with that is 90%+ of all Shitcago’s murders and attempted murders all happen within a handful of neighborhoods. Those neighborhoods are not in Chiraq’s core business areas, such as the magnificent mile and the loop where Little Rahm hangs out and which contain the densest population pockets in the city. Near West Side, Lower West Side, and Bridgeport are buffer zones to the business districts and the democrats running the show can literally claim NIMBY, turn a blind eye to it and exist as if murders never happen. You can still safely catch an L train or taxi up the waterfront to boys town for a good anal stuffing without getting shot at. Until that changes there is no real murder problem, in democrats smug eyes. When there is an upheaval encroaching the city’s core, the mayor will unleash a task force and clean it up right quick, like when they rounded up all the homeless from lower Wacker.

  5. As a white man (Honky) I’m automatically considered a racist, so wouldn’t my caring about black on black murder rates be racist?

  6. I think organgrinder is right.
    Yes Democrats have the same policies and incompetence everywhere worldwide.
    But you could put Republicans in charge and the population would not behave any differently.
    – I say that then remind myself Rudy Giuliani really did clean up New York City pretty darned well. NYC was becoming a shithole much like Chicago until Rudy straightened things. So maybe?!?

  7. I won’t argue with Organgrinder. It may well be that nobody has a shot at turning this around at this juncture, but there is no question that they got to be run down, shot-up, burned out, poverty-stricken, rat-infested, urine-soaked, crime-ridden, shit-on cities, chock full of corrupt bottom-feeders rewarding cronies with public funds, establishing hostile business environments, heavily taxing the most productive citizens, setting up fat pensions for their union friends by disingenuous democRATS selling them “Free Shit”, “we really care about the little guy” and Hope & Change snake-oil for decades every time there wuz an election!

  8. White privilege to me means anyone can judge me by the color of my skin and I have nothing to say about it.

  9. ECracker just hit on something … “ChiCongo”

    … as in ‘D.C.’ … De Congo
    New Congo
    Las Congo
    New OrCongo
    … feel free …..

  10. The whole point of the Demonrat Party is to enlist the most ignorant, greedy, retarded fucks on Earth onto their Plantation.
    Voluntary Slavery.

    “Hey … want some free shit? All ya gotza do is sign here and vote early and often.”

    Race got nuthin to do with it. And as time goes on and the Educational Establishment (supplemented by the Media, Advertising, Gov’t, Academia, and general human propensity towards laziness) pollutes more and more minds (?) the problem will metastasize.

    East Germany didn’t have Congolese.
    Russia didn’t have Congolese.
    China doesn’t have Congolese.

    izlamo delenda est …


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