Out: “Pregnant Woman” – In: “Pregnant Person”

Something calling itself the “Equality Institute” is suggesting that, since anyone of any gender can become heavy with child, we update our language and stop being so gender-specific.


They and other entities infested with similar lunatics are wanting us all to no longer use terms like “expectant mother” or “pregnant women.”
They instead suggest we use terms like “birthing individual” and “pregnant person.” More

17 Comments on Out: “Pregnant Woman” – In: “Pregnant Person”

  1. updating my vocabulary before going out into the world today- just to be PC and safe.
    yesterday it was supposed to be pregnant ‘folk’
    glad we caught that.
    Is it OK to ask if it is a front hole or a back hole pregnancy? That should be OK, I would think.

  2. I’ll never forget tuning in to MSNBC and the Melissa Harris-Perry show one Saturday morning. She was chastising Congresswoman Renee Elmer for questioning why Obamacare required men to have OB-GYN coverage. Melissa Harris-Perry stated “men sometimes do get pregnant” and dismissed Renee Elmer as “transphobic.”

    This is the bizarro-world where Leftism ultimately takes you.

  3. God made two sexes. Only one of them can become pregnant regardless of what the leftists dream of.

  4. Eventually this is going to cause people to die for lack of correct medical treatment. Maybe then these people will wake up, re Emperors New Clothes

  5. What about baby daddy? Is that still PC? I don’t think I ever met a person who was pregnant and wasn’t a womxn. They may think they are all a rainbow, but they are still all queer!

  6. “Pregnant Person” implies both sexes. But men can’t get pregnant.

    Argument invalid.

    Pregnant Woman stays.

  7. This all started with men saying “We’re pregnant.” Nope, “we’re” not.

    I had a libtard colleague who referred to her pregnancy as “gestation.” Never used the word “pregnant.” She inadvertently made herself sound like a cow.


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