Outsmarting idiots

It doesn’t take much to get the better of Barack Obama.

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PatriotRetort: When the man occupying what should be the most powerful office in the world is a campus Marxist and ideologue who has yet to mature much beyond the mental age of a sheltered, pampered college boy with delusions of grandeur, getting the better of him on the world stage doesn’t take a lot of skill.

If I liked Obama even a little, I think I might actually feel sorry for him.

But I despise him. So I feel sorry for the United States.

It isn’t that Vladimir Putin is a diabolical genius. It’s just that Barack Obama is so easily bested.

Vladimir Putin always acts with the national interests of Russia in mind.

That’s not brilliant. That’s what leaders of powerful countries are supposed to do.

It’s what Presidents of the United States used to do too.

Until Barack Obama.

Whether it is domestic policy, foreign policy, or national security, Barack Obama never acts in the national interests of the United States.
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  1. It isn’t just da won, every branch of government is taking US down the tubes. There are no checks and balances anymore. duh

  2. Couldn’t have said it any better myself! To this day, the media fawns over what a “brilliant” politician Bill Clinton is. But, it’s damn easy to look brilliant when you can be a rapist and still not be held accountable by the media.

  3. “It doesn’t take much to get the better of Barack Obama.”

    Agreed. That’s a very low bar to hurdle. Have to dig a trench to find a placement for that bar that low.

  4. Each person in life rises to their level of incompetence. He probably has Valerie Jarrett wipe his ass for him after…..

  5. @B Woodman. Everyone on the world stage rolls Obama and gets everything they want & Obama gets nothing for America.

    otoh, Obama rolls the GOP leadership every time, gets everything he wants, and the GOP gets nothing they promised to fight for to get elected. The GOP leadership is the easiest bunch to walk over in the world. So yeah, unfortunately – it also doesn’t take much to get the better of the GOPe.

  6. Hey Vlad. That hearing protection wasn’t designed to be worn upside down. Please don’t appear to be as stupid as our leader.

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