‘Over 100 Miles in 90 Days’

American Thinker:

“We built over 100 miles in only 90 days,” explains James Bonk.  Bonk was a consultant and manager among the team of companies who in 2006-2008 built and extended much of the border wall that already exists today along the USA’s southern border with Mexico, in the Goldwater and Yuma sectors.  The prime contractor was Boeing, but there were many subcontractors.  More recently, Bonk has been involved in planning border walls in Spain and in Israel.  He has worked with a variety of major companies and different engineering designs for fences and barriers.

Actual experience in building miles of border wall argues for a so-called Bollard wall or fence, or the design of vertical steel rods or “slats” (perhaps some other metal, but metal) promoted by Trump more recently.  (“Bollards are upright steel posts mounted in or alongside roads and parking lots to control, direct, or obstruct vehicular traffic or impact,” says the Long Fence Co.)

James Bonk came to speak at the Northern Virginia Tea Party, skeptical of discussions about Trump’s border wall being solid concrete slabs.  From his years of experience, transporting giant concrete slabs to the middle of nowhere would be expensive and inefficient.  He has worked on concrete wall projects but would not recommend that design on the wilderness frontier.  Mixing and pouring concrete slabs on site in the middle of nowhere would be difficult.  Logistics and transport of components are an important part of any such project.

Opponents of a border wall keep saying we must listen to experts.  Along with border patrol agents on duty, those experts include those like James Bonk, who have actually built the parts of the border wall we have now.  But those experts and border patrol agents on site are calling for a metal wall of vertical pipes or slats they can see through, which is exactly what Trump is now promoting.

James Bonk is concerned that bureaucrats a decade ago sabotaged and undermined the project with “designed to fail” illogical requirements and that ideas being discussed today are similarly aimed at intentionally failing in the project.  The wall-building project abruptly stopped when Barack Obama became president.  Nevertheless, despite the hindrances, they successfully built hundreds of miles.  more here

5 Comments on ‘Over 100 Miles in 90 Days’

  1. The prime contractor was ‘modern day’ Boeing.

    That should scare the shit out of you when you realize they also build NBC Meet the Press ops.

  2. No matter how the fence is constructed to prevent fence climbers there will be illegals who will attempt to climb it and gain entry — just to claim bragging rights. Until our laws are changed that make entry an instantly deportable crime — instead of having to “process” border jumpers — we’re still at square one. If would-be fence climbers knew that, when caught, they would be immediately background checked and detained for any criminal past, or sent immediately back to Mexico, they’d stop trying to sneak in.

    Trump could/should suspend all aid to Mexico until they stop allowing illegals to cross Mexico (“caravan”) with the intent to storm our border. Use that money to help build the wall.

  3. We’re running a trade deficit with Mexico, why are we giving them any aid at all?

    We don’t seem to be getting anything for it, nothing beneficial to us anyway.

  4. Except one big thing: A lot of the illegal traffic are drug runners and human traffickers. Profit motive is strong, and for too many Americans, drug money is the only money they make. Have to get people off drugs in this country.


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