Over 15,000 scheduled American Airlines flights do not have pilots during busy holiday season

FOX: Thousands of scheduled American Airlines flights are currently without pilots during the busiest travel season of the year.

The sudden shortage is being blamed on a glitch in the computer system that bids for pilots’ time off based on seniority, the Allied Pilots Association Union said. More than 15,000 flights from Dec. 17-31 have been affected, Reuters reported.

American Airlines is working quickly to solve the issue, which was created when a system malfunction showed that American had pilots scheduled for flights when it didn’t.


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  1. “…blamed on a glitch in the computer system…”

    Oh, GMAFB. The glitch WITH the computer system was bad programming or system design, both HUMAN errors. It’s entirely possible that the computer system generated an exception report flagging personnel numbers out of range but no human being bothered to read it.

  2. I just arrived from an American flight and everything went off without a hitch.

    My hotel window is directly pointed at Mandalay Bay but other than that…

  3. I fly an executive jet, I used to fly for a major airline.
    I fly for one small company when they say go, it’s time to go. Buy usually it’s scheduled
    days in advance.
    I would compare it to being a chauffeur and only driving one family around in a very nice new clean car.
    Or driving a taxi in a big city and driving anyone anywhere in a dirty smelly taxi.
    It wears you out real quick

  4. Human error. Big time.

    All the major US Airlines have outsourced as much of their IT as possible. Mix of cronyism, shell vendors owned by senior officers, lowest bidders and short term thinking.

    Periodically it costs them.

    Flawed and inefficient as government/FAA is, at least we don’t have 777’s crashing as a weekly event.
    Privatizing any airline safety function opens the door to more lowest-bidder incompetency.

  5. I hate their teeny planes that they use for the quick flights. They start up the engines and the plane vibrates and you can smell fuel. It’s like riding an old busted lawnmower.

  6. And if you think TSA is a disgrace, the very expensive Air Marshal program is a case study in Federal incompetency.

    Simplest of jobs : armed plainclothes incognito guard disguised as a passenger.
    No duties except in the 1-in-100,000 unlikelihood of (1) an “unruly” passenger the flight attendants can’t restrain with their own cuffs AND (2) a direct imminent threat to the reinforced cockpit door. Otherwise, continue watching movies and stuffing your face. With your BOSE noise canceling cone headphones on.

    Affirmative action washouts, retreads escaping bad records at other Fed LE departments, or both. And not answerable to cabin crew, pilots or airline corporate HR.

  7. “Over 15,000 scheduled American Airlines flights do not have pilots during busy holiday season…”

    Yeah, for about five minutes.

    This ‘headline’ is the epitome of “Fake News”. Is drama really all that and a bag of chips today?

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