Over 200 People Get Intestinal Parasites From ‘Del Monte Vegetable Tray’


Two hundred twelve people have been infected with an intestinal parasite in four upper Midwest states after reportedly eating pre-packed vegetable trays under the Del Monte Fresh Produce brand, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The trays were purchased at various retailers including Kwik Trip or Kwik Star convenience stores. More

1,000 iOTW bucks to the first person who can name the region were Cyclospora cayetanensis is common and another 1,000 for how food is contaminated with the protozoa.

33 Comments on Over 200 People Get Intestinal Parasites From ‘Del Monte Vegetable Tray’

  1. iOTW bucks are on their way through our encrypted iOTW cryptocurrency exchange. Don’t convert it to US dollars too quickly though, the value of these things is going to go through the roof.

  2. They were giving those out after the Hurricane last year…I’ve been

    carrying one in My Lunchbox since September….Might have to add a

    shot of Bourbon to it to make it safe..

    My guess is Illinois…specifically Chicongo

  3. Greece
    Contact with metal containers painted prior to ’78
    I meant Mexico and butt wiping with the hands

  4. Yup! Little-Girl-with-Scrunched-Up-Nose wins again! Always the best stories! As for me, I just picked my home-grown bok choy, peas, chard and blueberries. No Cyclospora for ME! Say “NO” to germs. Grow your own!

    ps What about a “Little-Girl-with-Scrunched-Up-Nose” naming contest?

  5. heh heh heh, Paul Pelosi, Nancy’s husband, is heavily invested in starkist which is owned by del monte. I hope this cost them jillions.

  6. Ay, ay, ay, ay!
    Oh I am dee cyclospora cayetanensis bandito!

    Now, why are they unable to make Mexicans wash their hands?

  7. Hey Brad, that Drambouie you drink, I’ve tried it after reading that you like it. Do you drink it straight, on ice, with Scotch as a Rusty Nail? I’ve tried all of them, I guess it’s not my drink. But I bet it does kill a lot of germs though.

  8. joe6pak

    I drink it straight at room temp. If you chill it, it taste like black licorice to me. Yuck. I’m cutting back though.

  9. Having a shot of liquor seems to work for killing some stomach bugs. It’s been a long time since I’ve been in Mexico but I would always take a shot of tequila before dinner, after dinner, and sometimes during dinner and very rarely suffered from montezumas revenge.

  10. My Mom’s cooking and my Mom’s kitchen. We took holidays away from Mom after a microwaved Turkey and canned beef gravy at the same meal. I love my mother!

  11. FTS! All the tainted salads lately. Gross!
    If I didn’t grow it, I ain’t eatin’ it. I’m finished with ‘fresh’ salads.

  12. Somehow this seems intentional. Third world typical inferior standards ignored by the USDA or Deep State sabotage. Connection?

  13. When I think of Fresh Vegetables,
    I look by the gas pump at Kwik-Stop,
    Next to the used hypodermic needles
    and spilt benzine.

    The region: Kwik-Stop
    The cause: I’m eatin’ healthy tonight!

  14. Any precut veggy is suspect.
    I watched a group of Mexican pickers chopping broccoli when one of them turned around and pissed right in the field, then turned around and continued to cut and pack.


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