Over 500 scientific papers to be withdrawn by publisher – IOTW Report

Over 500 scientific papers to be withdrawn by publisher

American Thinker:

By Thomas Lifson

There’s good news that a major publisher of scientific journals is cleaning out the stable of papers whose review process appears corrupted, but the bad news is worse. Not only were these papers published in the first place, but the easily-corrupted system of peer review – which is supposed to be the quality assurance mechanism for the creation and dissemination of scientific knowledge – remains in place with no additional safeguards.

Retraction Watch reports:

`After months of investigation that identified networks of reviewers and editors manipulating the peer review process, Hindawi plans to retract 511 papers across 16 journals, Retraction Watch has learned. 

The retractions, which the publisher and its parent company, Wiley, will announce tomorrow in a blog post, will be issued in the next month, and more may come as its investigation continues. They are not yet making the list available. 

Hindawi’s research integrity team found several signs of manipulated peer reviews for the affected papers, including reviews that contained duplicated text, a few individuals who did a lot of reviews, reviewers who turned in their reviews extremely quickly, and misuse of databases that publishers use to vet potential reviewers.

The problem appears to be what are called “peer review and citation rings,” as found in another case at a scientific journal from another big publisher, Sage. more here

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  1. Ha ha ha … been going on since, at least, the mid-eighties.

    A Physics post-doc I worked with made it his life’s work to disprove papers from Physicists he knew were full of shit. He carried one down the corridor to the guy who wrote it, and on reading, said “Why are you wasting your time? That was published over 6 weeks ago!” and laughed, shaking his head. The tenured Physicist was cranking them out about once a week – pure, unadulterated bullshit.

    And so it goes …

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  2. How could this be? After all they won the JD Power award for initial quality and dependability for 5 years straight!

  3. How would you like to be a legit researcher working on something that could save lives and you find out a lot of the Documented Information you are using was all bull shit. There should be a high price to pay for this. Life in prison sounds about right.

  4. Yeah, but the damage has probably already been done. What policies were enacted because of that bad research, and who had their lives ruined because of it?

  5. friends review paper
    friends and confidants buy stock
    wait a while
    publish paper
    wait a while
    sell stock
    paper questioned and withdrawn
    oh, well (lol)

  6. The United Nations’ global communications rep Melissa Fleming (Flaming) tells the WEF:
    “We own the science”.
    Meanwhile Da Fouch tells us he IS the science!
    Aaaaaaaaannnnnd of course the science is settled, so shad up!

    Well, science isn’t owned by anybody and that little prick midget is not the embodiment of science either!
    The arrogance of the Left is asstounding ain’t it!!

  7. But…but…but…”I believe in SCIENCE!!!”

    I wonder how many of those 500 papers were in support of anthropologic global warming.

  8. I heard a story about Einstein the other day:
    Einstein was teaching at Princeton. He passed out the question for a take home test. One of the students pointed out that it was the same question that he had used in the previous year- the students could just go look up the pre4vious answers. Einstein consented. He said, yes, the question is the same, but the answer has changed.
    HE was a scientist


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