Owner of Noah’s Ark Replica Sues Insurance Company Because of Heavy Rainfall


The owner of the life-size replica of Noah’s Ark in Northern Kentucky has sued its insurers for refusing to cover, of all things … rain damage.

Ark Encounter, which unveiled the 510-foot-long model in 2016, says that heavy rains in 2017 and 2018 caused a landslide on its access road, and its five insurance carriers refused to cover nearly $1 million in damages.

In a 77-page lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court, Ark Encounter asks for compensatory and punitive damages.

The ark itself was not damaged and the road has been rebuilt, according to the suit.


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  1. …I’ve been to the Ark, and it’s a VERY expesive attraction. Ken Hamm is rather proud of his creation…and it is in large part, HIS creation.

    Not God’s.

    He has some intriguing engineering concepts about how they may have done this or that, but the scriptural underpinninge for them are not really there. They’re very clever…but not necessarily Biblical.

    …kind of a disturbing thing, at least while I was there, was the use of different VERSIONS of the Bible throughout, to make various points in concert with whatever tableau mort you’re currently viewing. So, you’d have NIV verse here, KJV there, ESV next to that…people like this or that version for assorted reasons, I get that, but it seems like a unified exhibit SHOULD use a consistent version throughout. This seems like cherry-picking.

    Also, HE has VERY VISIBLE, armed security, but no carry for YOU on HIS property. It’s nice that he has guys with guns, especially at a place that could easily be a lightning rod for smti-Christian hatred, but I prefer to take care of my OWN security thank you,ESPECIALLY in high-risk potential situations. I’m sure the kids he hires for this are dedicated, but I and my family will NOT be THEIR highest priority, but they certainly are MINE.

    So, that turns me off for any re-visits to his properties, including the Creation Museum. People who fear legally armed citizens also do not deserve their money.

    …the grounds are HUGE, and I can see a LOT of potential for landslide issues just in the way things are bermed up, but that seems more something he should be discussing with his engineers, NOT his lawyers. Engineers are cheaper, and more likely to produce RESULTS along with billable hours.

    The most disappointing thing is that you can’t walk on the deck of it. I think they have some forced-perspective shenanigans going on is one reason why, but also it would kind of wreck the Bible “look” to have required hand rails, nets, etc., for folks who can’t control their urchins, or maybe think it’s a cool stage for dramatic suicide.

    …still, it would be cool if the area did flood enough to lift the Ark, but it ain’t happening. The hole in the underside of the ship where you enter (and see the obviously modern fasteners holding the hull planks on) and the columns that it rest on that also penetrate it argue heavily against ACTUAL Ark use. Still, if you want some Bible Lite entertainment, a look at a unique museum building, and don’t mind being disarmed, this is for you.

  2. grool
    MAY 25, 2019 AT 2:03 PM
    “Misleading clickbait atheo-snark headline”

    …I get where you’re coming from, @grool, but I don’t really see it as a disrespect of God’s work as it is pointing out the hubris of Man’s. This IS a nice teaching vehicle, but Man DID create it, and it IS subject to acts of God as a result…of which this was ONE.

    …also, Chistians are NOT Muslims. We CAN have a sense of humor. And, come on, the ARK needing RAIN insurance? You can’t snicker just a LITTLE at that?

    …I’m sorry if it upset you, please understand this was NOT my intention. I LOVE the Lord and His people, and I believe they can take a gentle, eh, “ribbing” every now and again.

    The Lord MUST have a sense of humor. After all, he created US…

  3. I have my own issues with AiG but…

    “…the scriptural underpinninge for them are not really there.”

    Actually, yes they are there, but only if one believes God said in the Bible what He meant to say, and meant what He said.

    Otherwise, the Bible is suitable only for burning because it’s not the words of a competent God Who does not lie. We’re left with nothing but the opinions of mere men who tell us which parts can be trusted and which can’t. Pass.

    As for the insurance issue, either the road was covered against flooding or it wasn’t. That has nothing to do with Ham’s ministry or the validity of the account of the global Flood. So yeah, the headline is snarkbait.

  4. Don’t take the above to mean I agree with every single thing Ken Ham and his group teaches. I do not. But they are correct that the Bible teaches that the judgment of a literal global flood wiped out all of sinful wicked Humanity except for one family on a big boat full of animals. That is a fact.

  5. “…the scriptural underpinninge for them are not really there.”

    Actually, yes they are there, but only if one believes God said in the Bible what He meant to say, and meant what He said”

    …I wan NOT referring to the Ark as a WHOLE, @grool, but rather to very specific THINGS he places IN the Ark. Perhaps I’m wrong and you can point me to the verse, but I’m fairly certain that the Bible does not contain specific engineering information on disposing of animal wastes, or on how to ventilate and illuminate the inside of the Ark.

    THOSE are the things I say s
    Scripture does not support,@ grool. The Ark ITSELF unquestionably IS supported.

    God bless, SNS.

  6. SNS, that’s a fair point you raise. If he is presenting it is what ACTUALLY happened, and not as reasonable speculations, then that’s a problem because the Bible is silent on those points. Given the conditions of that boat floating full of animals for all those days, however, we know such things would have HAD to be dealt with somehow.

    Sorry I read you wrong.

  7. Was it in a flood zone? Heh.

    (Besides, what’s wrong with snark bait? I thought it was an iOTWReport specialty.)

  8. We expect and appreciate that here. Newspapers, even now, are still supposed to be objective (yeah, I know).

  9. Yes, he absolutely did.

    “But with thee [Noah] will I establish My covenant; and thou shalt come into the ark, thou, and thy sons, and thy wife, and thy sons’ wives with thee.”

    Genesis 6:18

  10. …here’s some Christian humor.

    A pastor who was an avid fisherman once decided that a particular Sunday was SO nice, that he just COULDN’T spend it in a church. He called a guest speaker and feined an illness, and asked him to have the congregation forgive him and pray for his health.

    …he gleefully headed for his ol’ fishin’ hole, thanked God for the splended day and asked his forgiveness, but also prayed that he’d catch a whopper.

    …and God heard him.

    …God and Gabriel were looking down on the wayward pastor, and Gabriel was looking to God to see how he’d discipline the errant shepherd.

    God said, “Judgement is at hand.
    Just Watch”.

    Right then, the pastor got a HUGE bite. He played it and let it run, pulled it in, and tired it out until, at last, he successfully landed the absolute BIGGEST fish EVER caught.

    …mystified, Gabriel spoke to the Lord and said, “Lord, I just don’t understand. Your punishment is to let him get his desire?”

    …then the Lord did grin, and said,”He’s a fisherman. I just gave him the BEST fish story of his LIFE.

    …but, all his freinds and family are also in his congregation.

    So, who’s he going to TELL?”

  11. Grool,
    “But with thee [Noah] will I establish My covenant; and thou shalt come into the ark, thou, and thy sons, and thy wife, and thy sons’ wives with thee.”

    Genesis 6:18

    What is wonderful about that verse is God was in the boat with them.

    I have been to the Creation Museum and the ARk when they were building it (2015). Will be going back when I can now that daughter is a bit more grown up. AIG is a good resource for creation science.

  12. as long as it doesn’t rain more than 40 days & 40 nights I don’t see the problem dude 😉

    … I mean, what? it’s not built to specs?

  13. Missed opportunity in the marketing department of the insurance carrier!! Yeah, we covered that. We know a thing or two about flood insurance.


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