Oxford researchers launch HIV vaccine trial

PharmaTimes: The University of Oxford has launched a Phase I trial of a novel mosaic vaccine targeting a ‘broad range’ of HIV variants.

The HIV-CORE 0052 trial, part of the European Aids Vaccine Initiative, will involve 13 healthy HIV-negative adults aged 18 to 65 years old who are not considered to be at a high risk of infection.

The participants will receive one dose of the vaccine – known as the HIVconsvX vaccine – followed by a further boost dose at four weeks.

HIVconsvX, unlike other HIV vaccine candidates which are designed to induce antibodies generated by B-cells, is designed to induce the immune system’s T cells and targeting them to highly conserved and vulnerable regions of HIV. more

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  1. I thought that’s what the covid 19 trials were all about.
    Get the jab !
    Maybe this is the next generation of the so-called vaccine.

  2. wrap your head around this one kiddies ….

    deep down, we all knew this was happening …. now that an established link is shown the cellphone companies are gonna fight, discredit & deny this tooth & nail … just like …. um, the tobacco companies did …. deja vu all over again

    … the lawsuits are going to be hilarious … & lucrative …. start yours now & avoid the rush!

  3. Congrats to The Tamps Bay (A Free State)Lightening who just won the Stanley Cup for the second year in a row.

    My son noticed immediately that the Montreal Coaches put their masks on immediately when they left the bench, not realizing after months of social conditioning, that they were not required to do so in FLORIDA.

    Tampa’s coaches, No masks at the Hand shake etc.

    There is no doubt in my mind that some of the credit goes to the improved state of mind from living under less restrictive regulations in Florida.


  4. I don’t get why they couldn’t find 13 HIV-positive chaps in the whole of Jolly England for these trials, the ones who need the cure more than anyone else.

  5. HIV epidemic means we must start injecting most likely vectors for this virus without waiting for animal testing and full human trials and be sure to give the manufacturer immunity from any lawsuits that might arise from side effects.

    The federal government must send vaccine canvassers into neighborhoods where the rates of HIV are particularly high, identify holdouts then send federal law enforcement in to either force vaccinations or arrest those who resist.

    Trust the science and the state.

  6. “If AIDs didn’t take care of them, the vaccine will”
    Seems to be working with the wuflu scamdemic.

  7. Is an HIV vaccine even really necessary? Stop engaging in the activities that spread it (shooting up drugs with dirty needles, unprotected anal or oral sex, having unprotected sex in general, etc.) and your chances of contracting HIV and AIDS is practically nil. Yes, you might still catch it from a blood transfusion or having sex with a partner who didn’t reveal that they had it or didn’t know, but those are about the same odds as being struck by lightning or winning the lottery. It’s not airborne, you can’t give it to someone by coughing on them, it’s supposedly never been transmitted through a human bite, and it’s easily destroyed by sunlight and bleach. Despite the hysteria when it first came out, we know what HIV can and can’t do, and how to deal with it.


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