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PA Ballots Received Before They Were Mailed Out


A researcher did a deep-dive into the Keystone state data and discovered some rather curious conflicts: many of the ballots were received at polling locations on dates that preceded their mailing to the voter; an impossible sequence of events… More

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  1. “Maybe the Post Office is much more efficient than we give it credit for being.” — I work for the USPS and trust me — efficient is the one thing that they are not.

  2. “Postal vehicles are now equipped with a Flux Capacitor.”
    Maybe that’s why the PO always busts its budget – that FC fuel is expensive!

  3. In anticipation of the hardships placed on our fine citizens opting to mail vote imposed by the wolfinator’s COCO-19 “precautions”, we’ve automatically filed their votes in the manner in which we feel they should vote. As a formality, we’ve sent ballots which we will completely disregard and possibly shred once received.

    Thank you for voting Biden, loyal Pennsylvanian!

    💘 Dr. Rachel

  4. Uh oh. People have now discovered the previous top secret USPS program. Time travel offices developed in an effort to decrease complaints about delayed mail deliveries.

    Their planned next step upgrade was going to be the ability to deliver packages before you ordered the items online. May now be compromised. Delivery of your completed mail in ballot before you received the blank ballot is totally shot, at least for a while.

  5. Einstein is blushing as the Dems steal his Nobel Prize.
    “There once was a mailman named Bright
    Who traveled much faster than light
    He left one day in a “Relative” way
    And returned on the previous night.”


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