PA school board votes to station armed officers at all schools

EAG: MONROEVILLE, Pa. – The Gateway School Board takes student safety seriously, so they’re putting armed police officers in all schools to ensure they’re protected.

The board voted 7-2 Tuesday to hire several retired police officers to help the two trained officers who currently patrol the district’s seven school buildings, CBS Pittsburgh reports.

“The new plan will place eight part-time officers in the high school and keep on full-time officer in one middle school, while adding two part-time officers at the other middle school,” according to the news site. “It will also add two part-time officers at each of the district’s four elementary schools.”  more here

9 Comments on PA school board votes to station armed officers at all schools

  1. Nonsense. Institute the Israeli model. Everyone does two years military service. Everyone qualifies with an M4 twice a year. Everyone is issued and carries said weapon every where after eating a BLT.

  2. I’m all for teachers being armed. Actually, the oldest four of my grandkids should be able to be armed in school. They are terrific marksmen (one young lady in that batch but she’s not a feminazi so we can call her a marksman).

  3. That’s very good. They should be able to put a stop to pop-tarts in the shape of a gun with prejudice.

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